RV Upgrades on the MORryde 5th Wheel

March 01, 2021 — by Jack Enfield

Years ago, as MORryde started attending retail shows and RV owner’s club rallies, we decided it would be good to own a 5th wheel and use it to support the events. A secondary benefit would be having someone live the RV lifestyle and help with product development.

Enter Gary Wheeler, one of the MORryde Aftermarket Sales team members and avid RVer. Gary estimates he’s towed the MORryde trailer over 250,000 miles to shows, rallies, and events. Gary’s trailer is a 39’ toy hauler. We chose a toy hauler as it helps us haul product, displays, literature, and materials to each event. The toy hauler is wrapped in MORryde blue decals and makes a nice presence at campgrounds, letting people know that MORryde is there and wanting to share the RV lifestyle with them. Let’s look at the RV upgrades added to Gary’s trailer – We’ll start from the tip and end at the tail.

MORryde rv upgrades



Rubber Pin Box:
The trailer came equipped with the standard or stock pin box that serves as the connection between the truck and trailer. The steel pin from the pin box connects to the steel 5th wheel hitch in the bed of the truck. This connection is “rigid,” which doesn’t allow the pin box to absorb any of the energy that is transferred from the trailer to the truck. This happens with starts, stops, and on roads where the expansion joints help create a push/pull, or jerking effect.

Gary’s trailer now has the MORryde Rubber Pin Box system, which is “flexible.” It uses a rubber shear spring to cushion and absorb that transfer of energy from the trailer to the truck. As a result, Gary now experiences smoother, more comfortable towing, and the jerking, chucking, bucking and clunking common to 5th wheel towing is diminished.

Sliding Cargo Tray:
Gary’s trailer has one large pass-through storage bay up front. The challenge is that with one pass-through, he needs to maximize the space, which means there are several things he needs that fit right in the middle of the bay. Rather than taking everything out of the bay to get to those items, Gary uses a MORryde Sliding Cargo Tray that easily extends out 60%. The tray helps with his organization, and every item is accessible.

Easy Reel Power Cord Spooler:
50-amp power cords are heavy, awkward, and a bear to store. Therefore, Gary uses a MORryde Easy Reel Spooler that makes storing his cord simple. Located in a small compartment, Gary can now quickly spool up the cord without taking up a bunch of space. He can also clean his cord with a cloth while the cord is being spooled. Gary can’t wait to get the new Motorized Easy Reel that will allow him to spool the cord with the push of a button.

Front Door Entry Steps:
As you walk down the trailer and get to the entry door and the steps, you’ll find that Gary has upgraded his conventional entry steps to the MORryde Strut Assist StepAbove. The StepAbove extends to the ground, providing for a safe, secure, and stable entry and exit to and from the trailer. Additionally, the Strut Assist makes it even easier because the steps feel almost “weightless.” You can lift and lower the steps with a finger as the strut helps offset the weight.

Step Lights:
One of the newest accessories for the StepAbove product is motion-activated step lights. As soon as Gary gets within 5-6’ of the steps, they light up, allowing him to safely enter the trailer when it is dusk or dark. The lights attach to the bottom of the step tread and are secured with a magnet to the bracket. This allows the battery-powered lights to be easily removed from the step and serve as a flashlight. You can learn some tips and how to install these Step Lights here.

Step Storage Box:
Every RVer needs more storage. When Gary installed the StepAbove, he was faced with the challenge of what to do with his old steps. Installing a MORryde Step Storage Box made a lot of sense as it gave him space to store his wheel chocks, dirty rags, or even some tools. The box reclaims the space from the old steps and gives that additional, precious storage.

Suspension System:
If you look under Gary’s trailer, you’ll notice something a little different. You’ll see a high-tech air suspension system instead of the conventional leaf springs. The suspension system is the foundation to this house on wheels, and Gary’s house has the latest in suspension technology. The air suspension responds to load changes and road conditions and delivers exceptionally smooth towing performance. As a result, Gary notices the difference in his truck and when he goes inside the trailer at campgrounds. Things are in place and haven’t been jostled around by rough roads. Air suspensions have been used for years on over-the-road trucks and now that same technology is available for RVs.

MORryde rv upgrades


Rear Entry Door:
Toy haulers have an extra entry door to access the garage area. Gary’s trailer features another StepAbove Entry Step. This step is the traditional StepAbove so he can maximize the space inside the garage area while still enjoying the safety and security of StepAbove entry steps.

Ramp Door:
Toy haulers utilize a ramp door to allow their toys to move in and out of the rear garage. Most doors feature a traditional bar latch, and the ramp doors are typically heavy. Gary’s toy hauler came equipped with the MORryde Zero-G Ramp Door. Zero-G stands for zero-gravity and that’s what this door is. With its unique design, the ramp door can be lifted with a finger, making opening and closing the door simple, easy, and safe. No more worrying about the door crashing down due to weight.

Patio Rail Kit:
Toy haulers offer many unique features, and one is the ability to turn the ramp door into a patio. This patio is perfect for added living space off the ground, yet still being outdoors. For years, patio rail kits were located on the ramp door itself, but this made a heavy door even heavier. MORryde’s Patio Rail Kit swings out and features a quick-to-deploy design that provides the look and structure for the added living space.

Patio Rail Step:
Gary’s Patio Rail Kit is also equipped with a Patio Step. This allows for quick entrance or exit from the patio area without having to go back inside the trailer. It’s another simple feature that makes toy hauler living more enjoyable.

To complete the patio living setup, Gary’s trailer has the PatioEX, which is an air-inflated room that helps enclose that patio ramp area, providing more living space. The PatioEX features zip-up windows and screens that can go from full privacy to open air. These features allow Gary to still be “outdoors” even during rain, wind, or when bugs are biting.

Swinging Sewer Hose Storage:
Gary’s trailer is equipped with MORryde’s new Sewer Hose Storage System. This provides for a simple way to store the sewer hose, the fittings, and your gloves in a compact area. The hose is stored in a tube that swings out from under the frame of the RV so that he can access his items without crawling under the trailer. It’s simple, convenient, and reduces the mess.

MORryde rv upgrades

That’s Gary’s trailer – lots of upgrades to make RVing more enjoyable. So next time you see Gary at a rally or campground, ask him to show you his trailer. He’ll be more than happy to teach you about the products that make his life on the road easier.


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