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Spiderweb cracking is a product of use and replacement is not required unless the pucks are crumbling. New parts can be purchased through the MORryde parts department.

The last 4 digits in the part number contain the outer dimension of the cargo tray. For example, the CTG60-4890W is 48" wide and 90" deep. No portion of the tray will exceed those dimensions.

There is 1.6 inches of clearance from the bottom of the tray to the compartment floor.

The CTG60 models have a 800 lbs capacity spread across the top of the tray. The CTG80 models have a 500 lbs weight capacity spread across the top of the tray.

The CTG54-001 kit will add up between 1.625-3.125" to the standard tray clearance.

The CTG60 models extend 60% of the tray length. The CTG80 models extend 80% of the tray length.

1. Place the tray in the desired compartment and make sure the tray clears the lip of the door frame when extended. If it does not, you may have to use shims or may purchase and install MORryde Tray Extenders (CTG54-001) along the side rails to raise the tray. 2. Make sure the tray/shims are square with the compartment. If using shims, fasten* them to the floor first. 3. Extend tray out slightly to expose the predrilled holes in the side rails. Begin to fasten the tray in the first set of holes. The mounting hole will accommodate a 5/16" bolt. 4. Continue to extend the tray outward while fastening* the tray in each of the predrilled holes until it is fully extended. 5. If NOT using a 90” tray, once all visible predrilled holes have been secured, extend the tray until it hits the stops. Lift up on the front of the tray and it will slide over the stops. This will allow you to access the mounting holes in the frame underneath the tray. 6. If using a 90” tray, extend the tray in the opposite direction and repeat steps 3 & 4. *Note: Fasteners may differ depending on application. For this reason, hardware is not included. Be cautious of tanks/plumbing underneath.

You will have to determine if the unit is a tandem or triple axle, what type of suspension system the unit has, the length of the shackle link from center bolt hole to center bolt hole, and if the unit has a Correct Track Hanger System.

Shackles in the wet bolt kit are 1/2" thick