Motorized Easy Reel Spooler

    Keep your power cord neatly stored in your RV using this motorized reel spooler. It’s the simplest, smoothest, most convenient way to store your detachable cord. The sleek design holds up to 30 feet of 50-amp cord to make the most of valuable storage space.

    • Motorized operation
    • Store up to 30' of 50-amp cord
    • Rugged steel construction
    • Convenient in-line fuse
    • Ceiling mount option to maximize storage
    • Space-saving design for efficient cord storage
    • Designed for detachable power cords

    Motorized Easy Reel Spooler*

    Tired of the hassle to store the power cord for your RV? This motorized reel spooler does all the hard work for you without any heavy lifting or strain. Easily spool up to 30 feet of 50-amp cord. Mount on a shelf or upside down on the ceiling to save valuable storage space.

    Easily store detachable 50-amp power cords
    Save time with motorized operation
    Conserve storage space with sleek design that mounts upside down
    Conveniently maintain with in-line fuse

    *Not compatible with hardwired cords


    • 16.75″ W x 14.125″ H x 13″ D
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