Air1 Suspension

Control the air pressure in the suspension of your RV trailer with this Air1 system. With a mobile app or remote in hand, you can easily adjust your towable’s air spring pressure and ride height. A low pressure setpoint lets you quickly kneel the vehicle for easy loading and unloading.


  • Suspension air pressure control
  • Wireless communication with remote or mobile app
  • Quick-read suspension height indicator
In The Box:
  • Single axle air suspension system
  • Remote
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions

Keep the air pressure in the suspension of your RV trailer within the safe zone with this Air1 suspension control. Easily add or remove air with the wireless remote or mobile app. An easy-to-read indicator signals when your trailer is in the recommended towing zone and you’re ready for travel. The Air1 can only be installed in the factory.

Control air suspension height on RV trailer

Easily check air pressure with wireless remote or mobile app

Confirm safe pressure and height zone with easy-to-read indicators

Safely exhaust pressure to kneel trailer for easy loading and unloading

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