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IS System, Disc Brakes, New Wheels & Tires
June 1, 2021, Mario and Alaine Chiarani and Bear

I would like to thank everyone at MORryde for doing such a great job on the installation of our new IS system, disc brakes and wheels and tires. We left the service bay and drove through Chicago and then onto Denver. What a great handling system. Felt great and very safe, well worth the investment. […]

Independent Suspension, Truly an Awesome Product
May 13, 2021, Janet Aungst

I came in to get Independent Suspension.  When I left, I stopped at a local campground for the night. Upon going over several speed bumps, I thought wow, didn’t even notice the trailer move.  This is pretty cool.  But the next day, I left a water bottle on my bathroom sink with the cap off […]

MORryde Upgrades Eliminate 95% of Chucking
April 8, 2021, Jeff B - Chesapeake, VA

In September 2020 I purchased the MORryde X-Factor Cross Members, U012-016 wet bolt upgrade kit, SRE 4000 Tandem equalizers and a MORryde Rubber Pin Box and installed on my 2013 Heartland Bighorn 3010RE. For the winter, my wife and I traveled to Texas and then to Florida Keys about a 4,000 mile trip. The MORryde […]

MORryde Independent Suspension Upgrade
January 7, 2021,

After several months of research, we decided to have the Morryde independent suspension and disc brakes installed on our Grand Design fifth wheel.   After being in touch with Brian Hosinski and requesting Sergio for the appointment, we departed December 5thfrom Raleigh, North Carolina for Elkhart. We arrived for our appointment at 5:45 on December 7th […]

Virtual Rally Makes an Impression
October 1, 2020, Gene and Nancy Hale

First, I want to say I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the virtual rally and the hilarious sharing of the parts of my favorite RV movie: The Long Long Trailer. I need to watch it again. I like the steps, especially the extra hand rail. Thanks for the fun and showing me what products you […]

MORryde Suspension Protects Plants
August 13, 2020, C.R. "Jack" Jackson

Me and my wife came to get a MORryde suspension upgrade on our trailer. When we left your shop on Friday we didn’t go far, just to the county fairgrounds.  It wasn’t a long distance, but there were many bumps and railroad crossings! When we arrived and went inside the trailer, Debby said, “check this […]

Toy Hauler MORryde Blow Up Tent
June 3, 2020, Warren G Fitts

My wife had a stroke in 2016 , and I am 100% rated disabled veteran from the Vietnam War era. My wife and I always loved to camp and with her losing mobility due to stroke I redid a van to be disabled friendly and then found a Toy Hauler. I was able to, with […]

Seamless Independent Suspension Install
May 11, 2020, Gene & Mary Jo Snyde

Our deepest thank you’s for our seamless independent suspension system install, in spite of all the crazy events of the day! We truly appreciate you all hanging in there and staying focused to get the job done in a timely way. Brian, thank you so much for working with us on our tire concern. It […]

CRE3000 & Rubber Pin Box Installation
May 11, 2020, Duane Metcalf

We purchased our latest rig (2019 Cyclone 4007) last Jan. and of course decided pretty early on we needed to make a few upgrades. The wife & I researched what others have done for the same concerns we had and it seemed like MORryde had all of the right (tested from others) products. So we […]

A Thank You to the MORryde Staff
April 10, 2020, Bob Nicholson

Just a quick note to say thanks for the service your team gave us on Friday. It was great that we were able to stay Thursday night on the MORryde complex and not have to worry about finding somewhere else to park for the night. I was amazed at how different our travel trailer pulled […]