Easy Reel Spooler

    Convenient power cord storage

    This reel spooler gives you a simple, convenient and economical way to store your detachable power cord in your RV. The smooth reel operation does all the heavy lifting for you. Compact, rugged design holds up to 30 feet of 30- or 50-amp cord.

    • Store up to 30' of 30- or 50-amp cord
    • Crank handle easily spools cord
    • Left- or right-hand operation
    • Rugged steel construction
    • Space-saving design
    • Designed for detachable power cords

    Easy Reel Spooler* – Economy

    Save your energy and valuable storage space with this reel spooler for the power cord in your RV. No more heavy lifting needed – the spooler does all the hard work for you. The compact, sleek design holds up to 30 feet of 50-amp cord.

    Easily store detachable 30- or 50-amp power cord
    Eliminate heavy lifting with smooth, easy reel operation
    Save storage space with sleek design
    Quickly install with 8 screws

    *Not compatible with hardwired cords

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