What do wind, walking, and washing machines have in common?

April 03, 2024 — by Jack Enfield

The obvious answer is they both start with the letter W, but if you own a 5th wheel trailer that is equipped with a washer and dryer, then you know the answer is they both cause my 5th wheel to shake, rock and roll. 5th wheel trailers are typically:

• Taller — which means their center of gravity is higher

• Longer — which means their side wall has greater surface area

• Bigger — which means heavier and more mass that gets moving

The location of the rear most leveling jacks determines how much overhang there is on the unit

It’s easy to understand why and how wind impacts the 5th wheel when you are at a campground. Wind gusts, wind speed and the direction of the wind can all cause the 5th wheel to move and shake. The giant side wall is just a large target and takes the brunt of the wind force. If the wind speed is high enough, you can definitely feel the shaking and moving inside the trailer.

Simply walking around your unit can also cause unwanted movement. With the higher center of gravity, some 5th wheel owners feel the vibration when someone is walking through the unit. This can occur even if the trailer is blocked or on leveling jacks. And if the kids or grandkids (or large dog) are running through the trailer, you can feel the shaking from front to back.

Washer/dryers are notorious for causing shake, rattle and roll in 5th wheel trailers. The washer/dryer action creates a vibration that gets transferred to the trailer and felt throughout it. Watching TV, reading a book or working on the computer is a little more challenging when the washer/dryer is running. Some 5th wheel owners leave the trailer while the machines are running so they don’t have to feel the vibration.

Another factor that contributes to the amount of shaking going on, is the amount of rear overhang on the unit. You can see the amount of overhang by finding the location of the rearmost jack and counting the number of feet to the very rear of the trailer. It’s not uncommon for there to be 9-12′ of overhang. This overhang serves like a tail that wags the dog. The larger the amount of overhang, the more likely you will feel shaking, rocking and rolling when someone is walking through the trailer or the washer/dryer is running.


So, what solutions are there for the unwanted movement caused by wind, a washer/dryer machine or simply walking inside a unit? There are products on the market that can help reduce the shake, rattle and roll. Here’s a review:

Hitch Mount Stabilizer

The Hitch Mount Stabilizer is ingeniously designed to attach to the rear hitch receiver of a 5th wheel trailer. Its primary function is to mitigate the “tail wagging” effect, which is particularly pronounced in trailers with significant rear overhang. The stabilizer features two robust legs and a tension strap, which work in unison to provide lateral support, thereby significantly reducing movement. The legs are designed for easy adjustment, allowing users to adapt the stabilizer to various terrains and trailer configurations. The tension strap is a critical component that enhances the stabilizer’s effectiveness by distributing the forces evenly and reducing the leverage that can cause the trailer to sway. Once installed, the stabilizer offers a “set it and forget it” convenience, with the option to keep it in the upright position while traveling. This feature is particularly beneficial for RV owners who frequently move from one location to another, providing a quick and straightforward way to secure the trailer.

Scissor Jack Stabilizer

For 5th wheels with electric landing gear, there’s also a stabilizer solution. The electric landing legs provide vertical support but do not provide adequate lateral support. You can see the movement in the legs when pushing on the side of a unit. The MORryde Scissor Jack Stabilizer uses two braces that “push out” providing for excellent lateral support. Each brace features a unique turnbuckle design that allows for easy adjustment in the tension. The result is a significant reduction in lateral movement in the unit. The X-Brace is a one time installation that is all bolt-on. When it’s time to pack up and go, simply loosen each brace and it rides up with the landing legs.

Some might ask how this stabilizer compares to the kingpin stabilizers that are placed under the pin box. The X-Brace stabilizer is more effective as it controls the movement at the landing legs as opposed to controlling movement at the kingpin, which is 4-5’ in front of the pin box.

5th Wheel Stabilizer

The MORryde 5th Wheel Stabilizer is engineered with precision to offer superior lateral support to 5th wheel trailers. Its X-Brace design is a standout feature, utilizing high-grade materials that ensure durability and effectiveness. The stabilizer’s construction allows for an even distribution of weight and pressure, which is crucial in reducing the side-to-side movement of the trailer. The stabilizer is adjustable, accommodating a range of 5th wheel sizes and designs, making it a versatile choice for many RV enthusiasts. Installing the MORryde 5th Wheel Stabilizer is designed to be straightforward, allowing RV owners to set it up without professional help. Once installed, the stabilizer’s impact is immediate, providing a noticeable reduction in movement. For those who travel frequently, the stabilizer’s design includes features that make it easy to disengage and prepare the trailer for mobility.

While you can’t exactly avoid the wind, walking around your unit, or doing the laundry, the MORryde line of X-Brace stabilizers help to reduce unwanted movement in your rig, and make your camping experience more enjoyable. For more information visit www.morryde.com

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