SRE4000 Triple 35″ Wheelbase

    Bolt-on upgrade allows 4" of suspension travel

    Upgrade your towing experience with a bolt-on suspension system for your 5th wheel or travel trailer. This system provides up to 4 inches of suspension travel and gives you a smooth ride, improved towing capability and better protection from damaging road shock. The X-Factor crossmember provides added lateral support and reduces stress on the frame.

    • Smooth towing experience
    • Up to 4" of suspension travel
    • Protection from road shock
    • X-Factor crossmember
    • Rubber shear springs
    • Easy bolt-on installation
    • 3-year warranty
    • Tested, rated for 5,200 to 7,000 lb axles

    SRE4000 Suspension System

    Enjoy a better towing experience and a smooth ride when you upgrade the suspension system on your fifth-wheel or travel trailer. The SRE4000 protects your trailer from road shock and reduces stress on the frame. That means you get a better ride and better performance from your suspension.

    Reduce stress on RV frame with lateral support
    Protect trailer from road shock with rubber shear springs
    Improve towing with up to 4-inch suspension travel
    Strengthen frame with X-Factor crossmember
    Easily install  by a dealer, service center or do-it-yourselfer


    Installation Tip

    Install the heavy-duty Shackle Upgrade Kit to increase durability where your suspension needs it most.

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