What’s Your RV Story?

February 28, 2022 — by Jack Enfield

Most everyone loves a good story. For some, it’s the latest blockbuster movie. For others, it’s the classic black and white movies that transport you back to a different time and place. But stories aren’t limited to the big screen. In the RV world, stories are a staple told around the campfire surrounded by family and friends. Reality is we all have a story to tell. Every day is another page in the story of our lives. Our daily routines, exciting adventures, big events, and small moments – we compile them into to create our lifelong tale. In the last two years, many people have written a new chapter in their story, but not from a stationary home. They’re writing from the open road in their RV. Since the start of the pandemic, people saw the RV lifestyle in a whole new light. While some saw RV’ing as a means of decompressing, to be one with nature, or an escape from the lockdowns, others saw the mobile life as a new vacation option. Instead of boarding a plane, hopping a train, or embarking on a cruise ship, RV’ing became the new approach to seeing the country, visiting attractions, and then unwinding in your own home-on-wheels. RV’ing also wrote a whole new definition of “remote work.” As some employees experienced working from home for the first time, they realized that home could be wherever there was a strong wi-fi connection. For employers, remote work has become the new norm. What does this all mean? The untethered workforce is probably here to stay and so is the RV lifestyle.

MORryde’s Service Center meets and greets hundreds of RV’ers every year. Many of them visit MORryde to have their trailer suspension upgraded to the MORryde Independent Suspension and disc brake package. Others come to purchase and install one or more of the several products MORryde offers that help them enjoy their RV and the lifestyle even more. No matter the reason for their visit, we get the opportunity to know more about our customers. For those willing to share, we are grateful to hear their story of how RV’ing has changed their life. Here are a few of those stories:

Ricky and Christine
We met Ricky and Christine at the Grand Design National Rally in Goshen, Indiana. Easily one of the most likeable couples you could ever meet, and Marine Corps veterans, Ricky and Christine started watching the TV show Going RV’ing and became intrigued with the RV lifestyle. This new interest led to the purchase of a travel trailer and a trip to the Grand Canyon. Soon, interest grew into passion. The couple decided to sell their house and make a Grand Design Solitude 5th wheel their home. Since then, they’ve never looked back and are absolutely loving the fulltime RV lifestyle.  

Jimmy and Lisa
While not “full-timers”, Jimmy and Lisa consider themselves “heavy RV users.” Never staying in one spot for more than two weeks, the pair puts an upwards of 40,000 miles per year on their 5th wheel. They recently took delivery of a brand-new Keystone Fuzion and are more than eager to break it in. Jimmy and Lisa love to talk to RV’ers at shows, campgrounds, and along the road. Through their “Find US Camping” social media outlets, even Keystone RV has heard of Jimmy and Lisa and have requested feedback on how the unit is doing in the field.

Rich and his wife took delivery of a new Keystone Laredo 5th wheel with the hopes of taking a scenic drive from Iowa to the West Coast to see their son who’s in the Navy. Unfortunately, the jerking and chucking sensation in the truck and trailer became so unbearable, the couple debated flying instead of driving. Thankfully, Rich visited MORryde to have a rubber pin box installed. Safe to say, problem solved. No need for plane tickets, and they set out west with jerk- and chuck-free ride.

Chris and Martha
Chris and Martha combined their love of RV’ing and fitness in a unique way. Purchasing an Alliance Valor toy hauler allowed them to convert the garage area into their own fitness center – complete with all the equipment needed for their CrossFit lifestyle. You can check out their mobile gym at VentureSomeCouple or on the MORryde YouTube channel.

These are just a handful of the amazing stories MORryde has heard over the past several months. For more testimonials, visit our YouTube channel. If you’d like to share your RV story with us, email sales@morryde.com or stop by our service center in Elkhart if you’re in the area!

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