RV Rallies – Food for Thought

July 07, 2022 — by Jack Enfield

Just like the Midwest, the RV industry has seasons to it. Winter indicates the start of RV Show Season. Once the ice melts and the Snowbirds return to their northern homesteads, RV Rally Season starts to bloom. An RV rally is a great event for owners of a specific RV brand to get together for several days. Many RV OEM’s (manufacturer) have owner clubs that host events across the country with Grand Design being the most active. Depending on the event and location, factory or local tours are offered to showcase the area to attendees. Some OEM’s provide on-site service techs to help with repairs and support to owners. Vendor booths spread throughout the campground display everything from internet providers, tire monitoring systems, cleaning products, and travel insurance programs.

MORryde offers both information and installation on products to help RV’ers enjoy their RV more. Rally coordinators, also called Wagonmasters, put on fun activities and tournaments for attendees, such as Cornhole and theme nights. But there is one aspect of a rally that is never overlooked by both vendors and attendees – the food! Each rally is different regarding the number of meals freely provided and the range of food offered. Some rallies opt for food trucks, serving up everything from burgers to Mexican to Fusion. Other rallies coordinate carry-ins or potluck meals amongst rally goers, and others prefer to have a catered meal.

As a supplier, we’re usually busy with seminars, talking to customers, and installations. However, we never turn down the invitation to grab some delicious grub – no matter how unique it is! Here are a few foodie highlights from our first three months of the 2022 rally season.

We all scream
for ice cream!

Most rallies occur during the scorching summer months making ice cream socials a must for almost every rally. The weather could be dreary, and people will still line up for spoonfuls of cold, creamy happiness. Most rally socials provide a cup or cone of ice cream with the basic flavors. Some might switch it up, going for the ice cream bar or sandwich. But there’s one who scoops up the title for Best Ice Cream Social – Ray White, Wagonmaster of the Grand Design Florida Rally. Held each April in Eustis, Florida, over 125 Grand Design owners show up for the rally. This year, Ray approached MORryde about sponsoring the ice cream social. We said yes with the expectation of your usual ice cream gathering. Imagine our surprise when we see RV’ers walking out of the social with not cups, not cones, but PINTS of Blue Bunny ice cream in a spread of delicious flavors. Ray let everyone know MORryde sponsored the event leading to dozens of people stopping by to thank us for the pints and sponsoring. They loved it! Ray knows that everyone screams for ice cream, and this time, he left them screaming for more.

That's not just
a hot dog —
it's a J Dawg

If you’re not from Utah, you’re probably asking yourself, “What in the world is a J Dawg?” In May, Scott Thompson hosted the first Utah Grand Design Rally. 90 spots were available, and it took less than a week to fill up all of them. Kanab was the destination, and if you’ve ever been there, you know it’s difficult to find a place with more beautiful rock formations and loads of outdoor activities nearby. As we arrived, Scott informed us that one of the lunches during the rally was going to be J Dawgs. We expected the normal hot dog roasting, a camping staple. We were not prepared for the famous J Dawg. What makes a J Dawg unique? According to the inventor, a BYU college student, it’s a hot dog with diagonal cuts wrapped in a warm, high-quality bun drizzled with a special sauce. The diagonal cuts allow the sweet, tangy sauce to seep into the hot dog. Scott advised we top our dawgs with sauerkraut and banana peppers. It was probably the best hot dog we have ever eaten. It was so good, we told Scott the J Dawg has to become a staple in any rally he does. If you even have half an inkling to go to the next Utah rally, the combination of the Kanab scenery and a mouthwatering taste of a J Dawg are hard to beat.

There’s probably more we could talk about, like Mission BBQ at the Eustis rally or the strawberry shortcake we hope to eat again in Goshen at the FROG rally. While we don’t go to a rally for the food, pints of ice cream and J Dawgs sure make them more enjoyable.

If you have a favorite rally food, send us an email at sales@morryde.com or find us on social media!

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