FRVTA Kicks off 2022 Show Season

January 17, 2022 — by Jack Enfield
In the RV industry when the calendar turns to a new year, it means the busy “off season” is just around the corner. At this moment, at least one half of the country is blanketed in some form of winter with RV’s sitting in storage having been winterized. Thoughts and visions of spring’s warm arrival sparks exciting anticipation for the day the RV can come out of storage. RV shows look to provide respite to the dreary days of winter. Over the course of the first twelve weeks of the year, dozens of RV Shows happen across the country, and it is our due diligence to identify some of the best RV shows to attend. The bellwether January RV show for MORryde and the RV Industry is, without a doubt, the Florida RV Supershow in Tampa, Florida.

Held towards the end of January, the Florida RV Supershow (also known as the FRVTA Show) offers everything one could hope for in a winter RV show.
Calling Elkhart, Indiana home, MORryde knows how brutal winters can be – especially in January. The opportunity to flee the frigidness is more appealing to Midwesterners than most. This also applies to RV’ers known as “snowbirds”. Those deriving from the upper half of the U.S. and Canada flock to Florida during the winter months, and while in the south, the FRVTA Show is a great event and one many look forward to every year.
It’s almost like playing the kid’s game “Would You Rather?” Would you rather spend January freezing in Elkhart or soaking up the sun in Tampa, Florida? Would you rather play in the snow or make sandcastles on the beach? To some, those questions aren’t relatable; but those who only get to experience summer for a quarter of the year yearn for sun and sand. Not only is Florida great for “snowbirds”, the state’s fairgrounds act as the perfect location for an RV Show. The large outdoor area easily accommodates RVs, and the indoor buildings house suppliers, seminars, and even some new RVs. This year, MORryde will have booths in two different supplier buildings.
Having the show at the beginning of the year, this allows the FRVTA to attract all the major RV brands. It has become an amazing opportunity for RV manufacturers to display new models or floorplans as well as debut new concepts. For example, Thor will be unveiling the concept of all-electric RVs to consumers. However, what’s impressive is the extensive range of RVs that are displayed. You’ll find units of all price points – from entry level towable units to motorhomes selling for $2 million dollars. Whether it is travel trailers, 5th wheels, Class A, B, C, gas motorhomes, or diesel pushers, you’ll find them on display and available to walk through.
When it comes to a full line-up of suppliers, the FRVTA Show and the Pennsylvania RV Show are second to none. Both feature a vast array of RV component suppliers, RV accessory suppliers, and lifestyle suppliers. A main reason MORryde loves the FRVTA Show is the chance to utilize 50 feet of booth space to display our full line of RV aftermarket products, ranging from suspension systems, entry steps, sliding cargo trays, and our newest line of stabilizers. This year, MORryde is displaying on an additional 30 feet of booth space in a different supplier building. This is part of our effort to showcase products that can help RV’ers enjoy their RV even more
RV’ers looking to learn about the industry have a great opportunity to attend several seminars; topics range from RV maintenance to RV living to recommended vacation spots. Whether someone is looking to dip their toes into the world of RVing or dive headfirst into full timing, there are seminars designed to support all lifestyles.
The Florida RV Supershow can see upwards of 60,000 to 75,000 people attend over the course of the five-day event.
As one can see, the FRTVA Show offers immeasurable value to RV’ers, and the value for MORryde extends beyond the items listed. The show provides us with great opportunity to talk with hundreds of RV’ers each event day. This allows us to:
• Gain feedback from current users of MORryde products

• Introduce MORryde products to Ravers

• Give customers a sneak peek at new items ready to hit the market

• Gather information on new RV trends. (One of the growing trends in the industry is the “Overlanding” segment of the market. This includes those who take RVs off the beaten path. We’re seeing RV builders design product specifically for this application. For MORryde, that has resulted in a slew of new product inquiries to help these RVs fit this need. Items like exterior kitchens, sliding generator trays, and air suspension systems are just a few of the new products being developed to help fit the market segment.)

• Find out the “hot” brands
By the end of the show, we will have had numerous opportunities to work towards our goal of helping new and experienced RV’ers enjoy their RV and the lifestyle even more. If we can achieve that goal, it’s good for the RV Industry and good for MORryde. So when the calendar turns to the new year, all MORryde eyes look south towards the FRTVA Show in Tampa. Be sure to tune into our social media as we provide insight into this year’s show and the results.

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