Top 5 Most Popular MORryde Upgrades

June 18, 2021 — by Bekka Oxley & Jack Enfield

Over the years, MORryde has found solutions for a variety of problems that RVers face by developing products that simply work. Customers have continued to rave about many of their MORryde upgrades, but there are five in particular that stand out from the crowd as the best, most popular products in our aftermarket lineup.

1) Independent Suspension (I.S.) System

With over 50 years of experience designing, testing, and manufacturing rubber suspension systems for trailers, motorhomes, and tow vehicles, we know a thing or two when it comes to delivering the best quality suspension system on the market. The I.S. system offers a premium towing experience for 5th wheel and travel trailer owners by allowing each wheel of the trailer to respond individually to the road conditions at hand. The I.S. replaces the steel leaf springs and axle from the factory and uses 100% natural rubber springs to isolate and absorb road shock while also increasing dynamic wheel travel. This makes towing virtually hassle-free and provides benefits such as:

Smoother, Improved Towing – The I.S. system has up to 2 1/2 times the suspension travel of conventional leaf springs, allowing it to better absorb road shock. It is also designed to block body roll, which improves the cornering and stability of the tow vehicle and trailer combination.

Better protection of the trailer, components and contents – by absorbing road shock so much better, the entire trailer and it’s components are better protected from damaging road shock

• Automotive Style Alignment – Tire wear can be managed through toe and camber adjustments, which is a feature no other towable suspension offers.

• Height Adjustability – The I.S. system can be adjusted to easily accommodate different tow heights and compensate for side-to-side load variations.

• Proven Durability – The MORryde suspension has undergone strenuous testing to prove its durability, which means no more broken leaf springs.

BONUS: With each I.S. system install at our Service Center in Elkhart, IN, trailer owners get the added benefit of joining the MORryde I.S. Owners’ Club. Check out this post to learn more!

2) CRE3000 Suspension

Speaking of suspension systems, another good upgrade alternative is the MORryde CRE3000. The easiest and simplest upgrade to a leaf spring suspension on a travel trailer or 5th wheel is an upgrade to the steel equalizer. A traditional equalizer rocks back and forth without any vertical travel, which doesn’t help absorb road shock. The CRE3000 is a good upgrade option over the stock steel equalizer because it uses rubber to cushion shock and provides up to an additional inch of vertical travel. This helps to provide an improved, much smoother towing experience.

3) Running Gear

Running gear is essential to maintain the integrity of trailers when traveling on rough roads. It consists of axles, leaf springs, wheels, tires and all the attaching brackets. There are a couple of simple running gear upgrades a trailer owner can make that will stand up to rough roads and wear over time.

Heavy-Duty Shackle Kit: The MORryde Heavy-Duty Shackle Kit is one of the best investments when it comes to upgrades the running gear on a trailer. It includes ½” brackets that are up to 3 times stronger than conventional ¼” brackets, bronze bushings instead of plastic, and grease-able bolts. This combination is a superior upgrade to the wear-prone plastic bushings and ¼” brackets that are standard in the industry.

X-Factor Crossmember: Crossmembers are a standard part of every frame and are located every 48 to 52 inches on a trailer. However, there is added lateral strain at each of the frame hangers which hang below the frame itself. A heavy-duty bolt-in crossmember like the MORryde X-Factor can provide much-needed lateral support to the frame. The X-Factor can be installed at each of the frame hangers, helping reduce the lateral strain on the frame by up to 90% at each frame hanger location.

4) RV Steps & Accessories

Traditional “diving board” steps are a thing of the past. They are commonly installed on units in RV factories and are wobbly, bouncy, and even creaky at times. Simply put, they do not offer a secure way to enter and exit the trailer. That’s where the MORryde StepAbove RV steps come in. They extend outward from the RV, make contact with the ground, and provide a much safer option for moving in and out of the trailer. StepAbove steps offer benefits like:

• Lightweight Design: They don’t require a ton of effort to lift and lower, especially with strut assisted steps.

• Adjustable Legs & Feet: They compensate for the uneven ground often found in campsite areas. The quick release legs drop to the ground with the push of a button, making the needed adjustments at the campsite hassle-free.

• A Wide Top Step: They allow for full-foot placement, which is much more comfortable than diving board steps. An added benefit to a MORryde wider top step is that it allows the lower steps to be positioned with a residential rise and run, meaning the step slope is more gradual and comfortable to ascend and descend.

• A Quick Release Hinge: They are easy to remove from the unit when it’s parked in tight areas or being stored away.

• Easy Installation: With just a couple screws and a little bit of time, they are quick and easy to install.

A lot of customers also choose to accessorize their StepAbove steps to make them even more safe and secure. Popular accessories include:

• Handrails: They easily attach to RV steps and fold with the steps into the doorway of the unit. MORryde Handrails are available for three and four step models.

• Step Lights: Motion activated step lights attach to the underside of RV steps with a magnet and can help illuminate the area around the steps. They’re battery powered and stay on long enough to allow RVers to safely enter their trailers at night or early in the morning. If needed, these lights can also be easily removed from the bottom of the steps to be used as a portable flashlight.

• Storage Boxes: When customers upgrade their RV steps, they are left with some empty space where the traditional diving board steps were located. Adding a storage box in that area is perfect for storing wheel chocks, supplies, and tools. It provides up to 1.5 cubic feet of added storage and offers additional security with a lockable door.

5) Cargo Trays

Organization is key when living the RV lifestyle. MORryde Sliding Cargo Trays turn hard-to-reach compartments of an RV into convenient, easy-access storage spaces. Available in a variety of sizes, the trays are made for RVers to have quick access to their belongings and make it easy to organize and stow gear. Specialty trays are also available for freezers and general utility.

If you’re wanting to try out some of these upgrades for yourself, you can contact your local dealer or the MORryde Parts Department at 574-293-1581 or

Have you already experienced the benefits of any of MORryde’s most popular products? If so, which upgrades do you like best?

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