RV Entry Steps | Making a Good Thing Even Better

May 14, 2021 — by Jack Enfield

It all started with a rear Patio Step. MORryde’s very first product in the StepAbove family was a step to fit on the rear of a 5th wheel toy hauler patio. It provided easy access to the rear patio as well as stability because the steps extended all the way to the ground. This feature was the springboard for developing an entry door step for travel trailers and 5th wheels. Speaking of springboards, consumers used the word along with diving board, unstable, wobbly, and creaky to describe their existing RV entry steps. They weren’t happy and were open to a better solution.

Enter the StepAbove

The StepAbove RV entry step system filled customers’ needs when it hit the market. The StepAbove extended all the way to the ground, providing for a safe, secure way to enter and exit the trailer. Adjustable legs helped compensate for uneven campground sites and the steps stored securely in the doorway of the RV.

Once consumers saw the safety and security that the StepAbove provided, they let manufacturers and dealers know that was what they wanted. Manufacturers responded as brands at every price point started using the StepAbove as standard equipment on their RVs. In the aftermarket, more and more dealers and retailers started offering the StepAbove. Additionally, tens of thousands of consumers retrofitted their trailers to get the safety and security of the StepAbove.

MORryde RV entry steps

But MORryde wasn’t done with just creating a good product just yet. We listened to consumers and set out to design an even better version of an already good step. That brings us to the next generation of our StepAbove. We built upon the StepAbove foundation and added the following features to make it an even better product:

•  Quick Release Step Legs: This feature eliminates the holes and pins used to adjust the legs on the original StepAbove. Simply press the trigger and the legs drop to the ground. They find the right spot and lock into place without the use of pins. They’re simple and much, much easier to use.

•  A Quick Release Hinge: Since the original StepAbove stored in the doorway area, it required enough space to swing the steps out. This meant difficulty removing the steps in tight areas. The quick release hinge addresses that issue by using a hinge and pin so that the steps can be easily removed from the doorway.

•  A Wide Top Step: The next generation features a wider top step but has the added benefit of the lower steps being positioned with a residential rise and run. This means the step slope is more gradual, allowing for full-foot placement on each step as you enter and exit the trailer. Other steps with a wide top step don’t allow for full-foot placement, making them uncomfortable to step on.

These new features help turn StepAbove into a truly great product for trailer owners. Other great products in the StepAbove product family include:

Quick Connect Steps
Some trailers don’t have the dimensions needed to install the StepAbove into the doorway. Quick Connect Steps attach to the outside of the trailer and can be set up quickly once you get to your camping destination.

Flip Tread Steps
These steps have treads that flip up during storage. This allows you to easily brush off dust and dirt before folding the steps into the doorway of your trailer. Additionally, Flip Tread Steps take up less space inside the trailer. This is perfect for floorplans with a protruding bottom step up to the 5th wheel’s bedroom area.

MORryde RV entry steps

In addition to the actual steps, we also offer a full line of trailer step accessories that include:

Storage Boxes
Every RVer needs more storage, and you can now add a storage box in the area where your old steps were located if you upgrade to a StepAbove. Perfect for wheel chocks, supplies, and tools, it has a 25-pound weight capacity and provides up to 1.5 cubic feet of added storage with a lockable door.

Step Lights
Motion activated LED lights help illuminate the area around the steps once you get within 5 to 6 feet of them so you can safely enter your trailer. They’re battery powered and stay on for 20 seconds. Attachable with a magnet, they can be easily removed if you need to use the light elsewhere, which essentially gives you a portable flashlight.

These easily attach to your StepAbove and allow for more safety when entering your trailer. Handrails are available on 3 and 4 step models, attach to the left side of the step, and fold with the step into the doorway of your unit.

MORryde RV entry steps

It’s hard to make a good thing even better, but that’s what the next generation of StepAbove is- an even better product for trailer owners. With these upgrades, we like to think the StepAbove has gone from good to great. For more information about the StepAbove and its many accessories, you can visit www.MORryde.com or check out the MORryde YouTube channel.

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