How to Keep Critters Out of Your RV

August 09, 2021 — by Abbey Miller & Jack Enfield

Do you have some uninvited guests that have set up camp in your RV or travel trailer? No, I’m not talking about friends or relatives that won’t just go away. I’m talking about those pesky critters that can be so annoying and troublesome. We’ve all heard horror stories of what critters can do when they get inside an RV. We’ve reached out to some experienced RV’ers to find out just what they do to keep those critters out of their RV. Here are 7 suggestions to have a “critter free” life wherever you’re camping, even if you’re boondocking off the beaten path. 


Suggestion # 1:   

Prevention is key. The best way to get animals out of your RV, is to make sure they never find their way in to begin with. Look for and seal any cracks and holes where they can wiggle their way in. Before taking off on your camping trip, take a thorough lap around your RV, checking for even the smallest hole. Look especially around vents and drains. Once you’ve identified the access points that these critters can make their way through, use expanding spray foam or caulk to seal the cracks and crevice tight. That’s a great first step to keeping your RV critter free. 


Suggestion #2 

We’ve heard that moth balls are a really good rodent deterrent, but no one likes the smell.  Avoid the stale smell of moth balls, by soaking cotton balls in peppermint oil and placing them in different parts of your RV including the storage areas. You must use oil, and not peppermint extract or else this will not repel the unwanted rodents.  An added bonus is this will keep your RV smelling fresh, while keeping the critters out!  

Suggestion #3 

If you’re looking for a homemade recipe for bug repellent oil, try this one.  

Mix a cup of water with 25-30 drops of a mixture of the following oils: lemongrass, citrus, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, citronella, and lavender. This mixture will make a bug repellent that keeps bugs away without the smell or effects of other harmful chemicals. 

Suggestion #4:  

Citrus fruit peels can also be an effective tool, especially for spiders. Keep the leftover peels of the citrus fruits that you and your family have eaten while on your trip. Spiders stay away from citrus, like humans stay away from spiders. Citrus smells will also help keep your RV fresh and smelling clean. 

Suggestion #5:  

MORryde has designed a new product called the Cord Keeper, solely for the purpose of giving pesky rodents one less access point into an RV. By wrapping up the cord, instead of letting it drag on the ground, you take away the bridge that critters use to get up to your RV. No more runway to your RV and the cord stays clean and organized.  

The Cord Keeper is magnetic so it easily attaches to the RV. On fifth wheels, it neatly fits on the pin box. For travel trailers you can place it on the a-frame of the trailer.  The cord is now up and out of the way taking away one more critter path to your RV. 

MORryde cord keeper

Suggestion #6:  

At the recent Escapees Escapade in Rock Springs, Wyoming they held a seminar on boondocking. One of the very first questions was how to deal with critters when you are camping off the beaten path whether it be a National Park or Forest, Bureau of Land Management grounds or just anywhere off the highway. Both of the presenters commented that LED lighting was very effective at keeping critters out. They stated that animals and especially mice don’t like bright lights. Place some solar powered lights or LED light strips underneath portions of your RV and you work to create a rodent-free zone. They also mentioned putting lights underneath your tow vehicle to keep the rodents out of there as well. 


Suggestion # 7: 

Several MORryde customers swear by the use of Fresh Cab. Fresh Cab is an all-natural rodent repellent with no harmful chemicals. Their mix of all-natural ingredients has a great smell to make your RV a rodent-free facility, with a comfortable, great-smelling atmosphere for you and your family.  And, best of all- it works. 

 By following these suggestions, you just might win the critter control battle. MORryde’s goal is to develop products and provide information that helps RV’ers enjoy their RV even more. Because if the RV works well, they’ll enjoy the RV lifestyle even more. Hopefully, you’ve found these tips helpful. If you have your own great tip, please let us know and we’ll share the word.   And make sure to stay updated on MORryde blog posts for more tips and tricks to protect and enjoy your RV even more.  

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