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RSX Suspension System

Complete ride-and-drive package for motorhomes, transit buses, and specialty vehicles

Get the handling you need and the comfort you want from this total suspension system. This system uses rubber shear springs to cushion and absorb road shock. Shock absorbers and a sway bar control tire hop and reduce body roll. The result – a vehicle that’s easy to handle and delivers maximum ride comfort.

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  • Smooth ride
  • Up to 4" of suspension travel
  • Protection from road shock
  • Rubber shear springs
  • Shock absorbers
  • Sway bar

Smooth out the ride for your motorhome or medium-duty bus with this complete ride and handling suspension package. Rubber shear springs cushion passengers from road shock. Shock absorbers and sway bar improve handling and control to reduce driver fatigue.

Extend vehicle performance with complete suspension upgrade

Enhance passenger comfort with smoother ride

Improve driver control with reduced tire hop and body roll

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