“Naughty or Nice”: Making the 2021 MORryde Aftermarket List

December 29, 2021 — by Jack Enfield


Most of us know the popular Christmas carol line, “he’s making a list, he’s checking it twice, he’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice”. While MORryde doesn’t really have a “naughty or nice” list like Santa does, we do use the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s to make a special list – a list of all the aftermarket activities we did the previous year and new events we plan to attend next year. We sit down and figure out which ones hit the mark (nice) and which ones could have been better (naughty). It means looking at the product displays, checking their condition, determining which ones did a good job of telling the product story, and which ones need an upgrade. We look at new products coming in the next year and determine the best way to display them. While it’s not as exhaustive as Santa’s list, there is just as much effort that goes into making MORryde’s special list.


2021 saw many RV retail shows get cancelled due to COVID concerns. Despite this, MORryde still attended 13 retail shows with the highlights being the Florida RV Super Show in January and the PRVCA Show in October. Attendance at both major events was excellent as prospective consumers were checking out the RV lifestyle and existing RV owners were in search of upgrades and new products.


Owner clubs are organized around a common RV brand or manufacturer. For example, Grand Design has a growing, vibrant owner club to support their brands including the Transcend, Imagine, Reflection, Solitude, and Momentum products. MORryde loves to attend owner club rallies as we get to interact with owners, hear their questions and comments, and discuss MORryde products that can help them enjoy the RV lifestyle. In 2021, MORryde attended 33 owner club rallies all over the country:

• West Coast- 7 events
• East Coast- 2 events
• Southeast- 8 events
• Midwest – 14 events
• Southwest- 2 events


MORryde attends several industry-related shows for both the RV and non-RV industry. These events include SEMA – which dominates the auto and truck market – as well as Jeep and Overlanding events like Easter Jeep Safari and Overland East and Overland West. These events give us great insight into other industries and how MORryde products can be designed specifically for these markets. One of these industries that is exploding is the Overlanding Market. Overlanders seek the road less traveled, whether it be at National Parks, the desert, the dunes, or somewhere completely off the grid. We look to expand our presence in this area and build on the opportunities for needed products.


The transit industry (bus, ambulance, etc.) holds both state and national events. This industry was hit harder by COVID than others; however, by late 2021, we started seeing events emerging again. MORryde attended 13 bus events despite the COVID slowdowns. We will continue to watch the transit industry in the coming years as the government seeks to provide more financial support to state and local agencies to better serve transportation needs.



In total, MORryde attended 71 events in 24 states, traveled over 120,000 miles, towed the MORryde trailer to 14 different events, presented 37 seminars, and talked to thousands of retail customers about MORryde products like the StepAbove, suspension systems, rubber pin boxes, running gear upgrades, flat screen TV mounts, sliding cargo trays, Easy Reel cord spoolers, the Independent Suspension system, disc brake upgrades, and more. The reception has been great as RV owners recognize today’s roads are rougher and more RVs are houses on wheels in need of protection. For 2022, we’ll continue to take displays that feature these products as well as video footage of the products in action. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we are working harder to provide high-quality video content that aids in storytelling.


In 2022, we’ll also be featuring a display and video for one of our new products, the X-Brace Stabilizer. The X-Brace is a family of stabilizer products designed to help provide rock-solid stability to RVs while at the campground. For travel trailers, the Scissor Jack Stabilizer works with existing scissor jacks. It can be installed in the front or rear of the trailer or both for maximum stability. It simply provides enhanced lateral support to aid the scissor jacks. For 5th wheels with electric front landing legs, the X-Brace features a turnbuckle-style design that provides outstanding front leg support.

For any RV with a rear custom hitch receiver, MORryde has an X-Brace that slides into the receiver and uses legs with a ratchet strap to provide excellent stability for the rear of the RV. If you have a receiver along with a bike rack, MORryde has an X-Brace that bolts to your hitch bar allowing you to leave your bike rack in place. Don’t have a hitch receiver but do have a rear bumper? MORryde offers a bolt-on X-Brace for bumpers. This entire product family is designed to take that rock, roll, instability, and “Do you think you could walk softer?” feeling away from camping. Look for the display, video, and product at upcoming shows and rallies.

While MORryde’s special list isn’t about “naughty or nice,” it is about telling the story of how MORryde can help RV owners enjoy their RV and the RV lifestyle even more. Be sure to look us up at one of the many events we’ll be attending in 2022. We’ll do our best to get on your “nice” list

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