June 03, 2020

    My wife had a stroke in 2016 , and I am a 100% rated disabled veteran from Vietnam war era. My wife and I always loved to camp and with her losing mobility due to stroke I redid a van to be a disabled friendly van and then found a Toy Hauler I was able to with the help of my 2 boys into a disabled friendly toy hauler where my wife could enter from back with her motorized wheel chair. Well we love our grand kids and a friend told me about your product and air beam construction and how it would give you a enclosed area on your toy hauler door so you could use the space like a porch or in my case a place for 3 young kids to sleep… also it let me open the back up and add my roll away ramp so my wife could enter or exit the toy hauler safely…. Wow it was great trip and again we are able to go camping and if kids want to come we have space for them with the room we bought from y’all…. Just a heads up for others who may have someone disabled and give them a heads up that your product went well with my 22 foot toy hauler and added space about 8 more feet long for kids to sleep and play their games on TV in their room 🙂 God Bless. Great product and very well built.

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