Type1Detour & the MORryde Cord Keeper

August 07, 2023 — by Chris Stocker

Hey, what’s going on fellow RVers?

My name is Chris and with my wife Amanda and our 2 daughters, we are traveling the country full-time in our fifth wheel. We have been living full-time in our fifth wheel for over 2 years!

Living full-time in an RV and traveling the country is rewarding and creates a ton of memories, but it does not come without its stressful moments and maintenance requirements.

Add in two of us living with Type 1 Diabetes, we have enough stress to manage in the first place!

That’s why we wanted to share with you a super simple RV upgrade that can take away some of that stress: The MORryde Cord Keeper.

One of the potential RVing nightmares that we don’t want to live is having to replace our 7-pin power cord. With the potential of dirt and debris getting in there and even the cord simply dropping and smashing onto the ground from falling out of the pin box is something we don’t want to experience.

When we first started our RV journey over 2 years ago, we did what most others do. We take the power cord and stuff it into the pin box and just let part of the cord dangle down.

After about the 5th time our kids ran into the cord either playing a simple game of tag or heading to the truck to go out on an adventure, we knew that we needed to do something different.

The final straw came when we found a couple of birds making a nest on the inside of our pin box.

Cute right?

No, definitely not!

The birds were adding sticks and twigs on top of the 7-pin plug and when I ripped the nest out, there were pieces of small sticks inside the 7-pin!!!

This was the beginning of the nightmare I didn’t want.

And it included birds and I know I’m not the only one who has had nightmares from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds!!

That’s when we added the MORryde Cord Keeper.

This product is so well designed, works perfectly and yet, so easy to use.


• The back has a large magnet on it, so you can easily snap it into place on top of your pin box on travel days and then snap the magnet under the pin box once you get set up.

• You simply take the 7 pin power cord and wrap it around the holders and it even has a perfect storage spot for the plug.

• When travel day comes back around, you simply unreel the 7-pin power cord and plug back into your truck.


Some of the other added benefits include:

• Not just for 5th wheels. It can also be used for Travel Trailers!

• No need to pull the cord out from the deep abyss of the pin box. You can see the cord when hooking back up to your RV.

• Keeps cord off the ground so no one is stepping or tripping over the cord!

Since we have added this to our simple RV upgrades, it has made our site look cleaner and tidier and also, we haven’t had any additional potential nightmares with our 7-pin!

Time to get out and create your own detour!

Chris Stocker

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