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    Disc Brake Service for Trailers

    Upgrade to safer braking system

    Improve towing safety by upgrading the braking system on your RV with this disc brake system. The automotive-grade brake performance shortens stopping distance by up to a 40 percent in an emergency stop. We replace existing electric brakes or upgrade to a larger size for better, more controlled braking performance.

    • Shorter stopping distance up to a 40%
    • Elec-draulic booster to supply fluid to brakes
    • Gross axle weight rating (GAWR) up to 10,000 lbs per axle
    • Easy installation

    Disc Brake Service for Trailers

    When you replace or upgrade to a disc braking system for your RV, you gain valuable peace of mind. Disc brakes mean shorter stopping distance, smoother quieter braking and reduced heat build-up. Fewer moving parts mean your maintenance costs are lower, and parts are available at most automotive stores.

    Enjoy smoother braking with electric brake replacements
    Reduce heat build-up in RV suspension
    Lower maintenance costs with fewer moving parts
    Easily find replacement parts at most automotive stores

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