MORryde Hitch Mount Stabilizer from Peeples & Places

July 10, 2023 — by Ashley Peeples

Hey there fellow campers! We are the Peeples: a full-time RV’ing family for the past two years with 3 kids all under the age of 12! We want to spill the beans on a game-changer that has transformed our nomadic adventures and kept our family’s sanity intact: the MORryde Rear Hitch Stabilizer.

Just picture this: It’s Saturday morning and you finally get to sleep in a little. All is peaceful and right with the world – until the moment one of your kids hops out of bed in the back of the RV and suddenly, the whole house is up!

Living in a small space presents its own unique challenges, especially on rainy days when outdoor activities are off the table.. Working from home has its own set of challenges, but if the washer and dryer is going then you know the entire RV feels like you are on a boat in rough seas. You might be able to hang on to your cup of coffee, but you can’t avoid wearing it as it sloshes around. Can you picture the chaos?

We didn’t realize how much of a difference the MORryde Stabilizer would make until we installed it. Wow! From the moment it was set up, it truly helped our home on wheels find the kind of stability that made it feel more like a house. I could put my coffee on the table while the laundry was going, and it wasn’t splashing everywhere!

Here are the key benefits to it:

Simple to Install  We love that it’s not complicated to use. Simply insert into the bike hitch on the back of the RV and tighten the straps. No complicated processes or confusing instructions–just a straight-forward installation that anyone can handle. 

Perfect for Digital Nomads  – Say goodbye to typos on that work email while your entire RV is shaking on laundry day. 

Keeping the Love Alive –  The last thing you want is your 12 year old kid asking you if there was an earthquake last night. 😉 You get the picture. 

Friend Magnet –  Prepare to make more friends on the road! Many people stop to ask us where they can get a stabilizer for themselves. It’s a conversation starter and a chance to connect with other fellow travelers!

The secret weapon to revolutionize your full time RV experience is the MORryde Rear Hitch Stabilizer. It has transformed our home on wheels to feel more like it has a foundation. So, if you are tired of feeling every move that your spouse, kids, pets, or washer/dryer makes, invest in the MORryde Rear Hitch Stabilizer. You will thank us!


Happy Travels,

Ashley Peeples

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