Is It Time For a Suspension System Upgrade?

January 26, 2021 — by Jack Enfield

In recent years, more and more RV manufacturers are moving to a suspension system upgrade straight from the factory on new fifth wheel and travel trailers. That has prompted questions from current RV owners as to whether they should upgrade their trailer.

Why should you consider an upgrade?

Let’s start with a few truisms:
•  Roads are rough – RVers can argue about what the roughest road is, but all RVers will agree that roads are rough.
•  A house is only as strong as its foundation.
•  An RV is a house on wheels that regularly goes over rough terrain.

MORryde suspension system upgrade

The suspension system is part of the foundation of the trailer and works to absorb the impact from bumpy roads. With roads being rough, many have likened the road shock to a cluster of “mini earthquakes” that your trailer must navigate. When the suspension can’t absorb all or part of the road shock, the trailer, its components, and its contents all bear the brunt of the shock. That leads to rough, uncomfortable towing and can take a toll on even the best built trailer. Some RVers can see major damage to their frame or trailer, while others just experience harsh towing.

In our next post, we’ll look at the good, better, and best MORryde product options to upgrade your suspension system and help protect your fifth wheel or travel trailer from rough roads.

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