RSX Suspension

MORryde introduces the RSX, the total suspension package for today’s medium duty buses. For twenty years, MORryde has provided their line of rubber suspension systems to smooth out the ride for the transit and specialty vehicle market. Now, MORryde goes a step further by providing a ride and handling suspension package.

The RSX includes:
•  MORryde RS suspension to smooth out the harshest bumps
•  Finely-tuned shock absorbers for optimal performance
•  Heavy-duty sway bar to improve cornering and reduce body roll

The MORryde RSX uses the rubber shear springs to cushion and absorb road shock while the shock absorbers and sway bar work to control the tire hop and reduce body roll. The result is a smooth riding and excellent driving vehicle. Passengers and drivers will both feel the difference the MORryde RSX makes. The RSX truly is the total ride and drive suspension package.

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