Thanks to everyone at MORryde for an unforgettable experience!

December 10, 2021

Good morning,

We just completed our 850 mile trip home. What a difference two days at MORryde made for us! A completely different towing experience. Gary, the chucking is gone and Diane is a very happy camper. The new pin box and IS have made a tremendous difference in how our RV handles. The truck takes the shock on the potholes, uneven pavement and railroad tracks. The camper seems to just float over the rough roads and doesn’t bounce the truck like the old suspension system did. I accidentally left a flashlight standing on the edge of a counter and I found it still sitting on the counter after a 300 mile ride down the rough IN and KY roads! Just knew it would be rattling around on the floor when we stopped. The new disc brakes are a huge game changer! So much more braking ability and braking is very smooth. Had several chances to get down on the brakes due to inconsiderate drivers! My confidence is much much greater with the new disc brakes!

I want to thank all your team for the professional and customer focused experience we had with everyone at MORryde. Please thank Ben and Matt again for their help. Lindsey set the tone for our visit in our conversations and emails setting up the appointment for our upgrades. Communication was great and we were well prepared for our visit. Professionalism, communication and customer focus stood out immediately. I know you meet multiple customers every day. When we met Gary at 6:00 am, well 5:45 actually, it was obvious we were his most important priority for the day. Thank you again for recommending the MORryde pin box! The communication and customer focus on our install were great. We enjoyed the shop tour and it is obvious that MORryde is a quality organization providing innovative parts and systems way beyond the RV market. The new slide tray is already saving stretching and lifting to get stuff out of the cargo box. Quality is great and I am figuring out how to load it up with tools and supplies. My favorite may the late add of the cable roll up reel. That is already saving my back from rolling up the cable and getting it in and out of the truck!! Thank the office ladies for the lunches each day. The comfort of the customer lounge was greatly appreciated. We got to know several fellow RVers while we waited on the install.

Thanks again to everyone at MORryde for an unforgettable experience and the improvements you provided will make our full time RV travels so much safer and more enjoyable!

Very satisfied MORryde customers,

Gary and Diane

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