July 25, 2022

Being in business as long as we have of 35yrs, when one or a group deserves praise of excellence as my customers do with our team, Krista and myself love to extend out to people, companies, that provide services to us personally;

With the MORryde team, oh my, where to we start.

We will start with saying – what a GRAND EXPERIENCE – from when we arrived to when we paid our invoice, what a fantastic experience.

Thank you for all that you do. On our arrival of how you greeted us and brought us up to speed of the measuring process, and process throughout; we interpret you wear the hat of a few positions in that little office of yours – service advisor to parts girl to customer service – perfection you are.

Sergio – the man of measurement – nothing can be started without his measurements – it was a pleasure to be invited to assist in measuring, if all I did was hold one end of the tape measure – and be explained of the measuring process – what an education – very personable and knowledgeable person – another person who wears many hats to make sure every unit leaves with perfection.

Tom – we are extremely happy to have had you for our tech rep – from your explaination and show of how and why you do what you have to do, we hope every customer MORryde has appreciates as much as we do – simply said, a WOW WOW WOW experience – Thank You.

Gary – you also are a person of many hats, and, we would have not have been fortunate enough to have this IS/DISC upgrade if it wasn’t for meeting you – your professionalism and explanation, as my father says – you could sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo in the Arctic – LOL – all joking aside, EXCELLENCE BEYOND.

The explanations of all after the installations only makes us more happy to pay the invoice for the upgrade – although we have that USD to CAD terrible exchange rate, it was still all worth it – especially for the impeccable improved ride and braking of our return trip home – simple said, OH WOW – SHOCKING IMPROVEMENT & WORTHY UPGRADE.

MONICA – your smile and grace at the front desk, make the experience all more valuable. Krista loved chatting with you especially about the gardens n plants there at front door, your home, our home.

We are so glad we met Gary at the Myrtle Beach Rally – so glad our paths crossed and looking forward to seeing you all again.

A heartfelt Thank You,
We will certainly be a strong supporter of MORryde products, from our new IS/DISC System, to my new 52” x 90” tray – IM LOVIN IT – to our pin-box installed back at Rv order of GDRV – to our steps installed back at Rv order of GDRV – EXCELLENCE.

Gotta say again;
We loving our IS/Disc system and I especially love the storage tray – Lol.

Thank You Again
We will see you in August;

Your Friends,
Corey & Krista

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