It’s Rally Season – WAIT, Maybe Not?

May 05, 2020, Posted by Jack Enfield

The MORryde world of travel has a certain cyclical nature to it. The winter and fall months are dedicated to retail RV shows. But it’s the spring and summer that really get MORryde reps excited. That’s because it’s rally season. We get invited to dozens of owners club functions all across virtually every part of the country. What a great opportunity to meet and talk to RV owners in their setting. Sometimes it’s during a seminar but many times it’s walking around the campground or at their unit. We get to listen and learn how they use their RV and then make recommendations about tips or products that can help them enjoy the lifestyle even more. If the Club Rally is scheduled for the Elkhart, Indiana area, better yet. We get to host the club for a factory tour where they can see how everything is made in the USA. We’ll provide an educational seminar and don’t forget about lunch and the complimentary MORryde T Shirt.

But 2020 is a little different. For a season we’re hunkering down and watching communities pull together. We’re watching real life heroes, the medical and first responder professionals, go above and beyond in ways we can’t imagine. We’re also hunkering down and appreciating the really important things more deeply. And, while we’re hunkering, we’re getting excited about what’s next. Because the attraction of travel isn’t going away. It’s just delayed a little bit. So, while we wait, while we hunker, we’re getting ready. And we can’t wait.


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