Tailgate Hinges

Jeep Wrangler JK

Factory hinges wearing out on your Jeep Wrangler JK? Replace them with our heavy-duty tailgate hinge kit. These hinges are built for longevity, no matter how hard you play. It’s the only greaseable hinge on the market and has rugged bronze bushings that last longer for smooth tailgate operation every time. This kit is part of our modular tailgate accessory system.

  • Heavy-duty hinges restore integrity of tailgate
  • 3/8" stainless steel hinge pin and grease fitting extend hinge life
  • Rugged bronze bushings easy to replace
  • Mounting points hold carrier or tray accessories*
  • Modular design pairs with other tailgate accessories* for custom upgrade

*Products sold separately

Stop tailgate rattle and replace worn-out factory hinges with this tailgate hinge kit for your Jeep Wrangler JK. The heavy-duty design of these hinges restores a sagging rear door and makes it easy to open and close again. Unlike other hinges, the greasable hinge makes it easy to maintain. Easily rebuild the hinge with replaceable bronze bushings, available at most hardware stores.

Restore tailgate integrity with longer-lasting hinges
Open and close rear door easily with greasable hinges
Easily replace bronze bushings with readily available parts
Reinforce tailgate with accessories* compatible with modular system



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