Good service starts with giving customers the answers they need. We put together this FAQ page to answer some of those frequent questions. If you can’t find the answer here, we invite you to click here to Contact Us to start a conversation with our helpful team.

I’m getting a lot of chucking and jerking in my pinbox, the GVWR on the sticker says 18,000, but my trailer is only 12,500 GVWR, it’s too stiff right?
The sticker on the pin box is the weight rating on the pin box structure, not the shear spring on the inside – either peer in the side of the pin box between the white glide pads to look for an encircled number or drop the skid pad off to reveal the number on the side of the rubber shear spring to see if it is the right one. Newer model pin boxes may have the number spring on a sticker on the rear of the skid pad assembly.
What pin box do I need?
Please click on the following link to access the Rubber Pin Box Identification Guide
My trailer is leaning hard to one side, why?
There are several factors that can cause a slight or severe lean on your trailer. As it relates to suspension, we recommend inspecting your rubber shear springs for abnormal sagging, possible rips, or even complete tears. The rubber components used in all of our suspension systems take quite the beating to give you that comfortable ride, so like all things in life, they too have a lifespan. Depending on road conditions, weather conditions, weight distribution, and other factors, the average life of our rubber shear springs are about 7 to 15 years. The lean also can be caused by an uneven weight distribution on your trailer. Have each side of your trailer weighed individually to determine if one side of your unit weighs more than the other. We may be able to take care of that lean with a denser shear spring to take care of the extra weight. Next, inspect your unit for any other broken products such as shock absorbers and bushings to make sure they are not the culprit. Lastly, we recommend inspecting each tire on your trailer to make sure they are inflated properly and are not causing any leaning or sagging issues.
What if I want to buy a TV Mount from you?
Please refer to our Dealer Locator page to purchase this product. We do not sell direct to the public, but rather, we direct all purchases through our online and brick and mortar shops.
How do your Jeep products compare to your competitors?
Many of our competitors use cast aluminum for their products compared to our far less expensive design which are made from laser-cut and welded steel components. First and foremost, this gives us a price advantage over our competition. All of our products are made here in the USA which means you are getting the highest quality product for your money. A couple of key highlights we have over our competition:
  • Our Jeep product line is modular, so you can purchase and install whichever parts your situation demands.
  • Our HD Hinge design is the first of its kind. They are greaseable and rebuildable. The hinge pin sits inside a bronze bushing and uses a grease fitting which allows you to grease your hinges to prevent excessive wear. In the unlikely event that the bushings wear, they are hardware-store items and can easily be replaced.
  • Our HD Tailgate Reinforcement Kit supports the weight of the entire tailgate (including the entire width of the spare carrier) as opposed to just part of the tailgate like most of our competitors.
  • Our Universal Side Mounted Jerry Can Holders require no drilling or additional holes, but rather bolt into existing bolt holes on your Jeep.
  • Our HD Spare Carrier has two different mounting positions for up to 40" tires and comes with an additional light stalk to stand above your tire.
I'm interested in the Independent Suspension System. Where can I get this installed?
We have three locations across the US that are certified installers of the "IS". These locations include:

1966 Sterling Avenue
Elkhart, IN 46516

Phone: 574-293-1581

295 N Hermosa
Colton, CA 92324
Phone: 909-824-9674

417 Henderson Street
Grants Pass, OR 97527
Phone: 541-479-2882