Jeep Trail Kitchen

A compact, modular bolt-in kitchen system that fits in the back of the Jeep Wrangler, perfect for tailgating or off-road adventures.  

• Over 5 1/2 sq. ft. of counter space  

• A drawer with 300 cu. in. of storage  

• Sliding tray and collapsible table  

• Easy to install and quick to remove  

• Accommodates the most popular fridge/freezers
 — Dometic, ARB 50 quart, and others  

Add-ons Shown Above

JK LARGER TRAY (JP54-066) Shown Above

CLIP-ON COUNTER (JP56-024) Add-on Shown Above

JLU BOLT-IN KIT (JP54-055) Shown Above

JKU BOLT-IN KIT (JP54-041) Shown Above

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