Raving Fans

Jeep Tailgate Reinforcement

June 11, 2019, Posted by Richard Rahe
Thank you so much with your assistance in sending me the missing hardware in my tailgate reinforcement kit. I am very happy with the installation of the HD Tailgate Hinges, Tailgate Reinforcement and Tire Carrier!! It is a great set of products. I purchased them as a kit from Retrofit Off Road.

Travel Report

June 26, 2018, Posted by John Curtis
Rob - Tell the guys in the shop that we are very happy with the work done and things are great. After leaving the shop, we drove to Michigan to see some friends before driving to Ohio, then PA, WV, VA, MD, and back to PA. We are now back in VA for a week. We have covered some rough roads, back roads that would have had the trailer leaning all over the place, and good roads that were a treat to drive. Performance of the Independent Suspenion was a major improvement over the OEM setup. The disc brakes were simply the icing on the cake. You guys rock the rv world. Thanks, John

Letter of Appreciation

June 22, 2018, Posted by John M. Nolte
Mr. Kolean, I wanted to take this opportunity to write a letter of appreciation for Jennifer Gregory. She and I have been communicating via email for the past couple of weeks. I contacted MORryde to ask questions about your StepAbove RV Steps. My wife and I have been seeing them on RV’s in some of the parks that we have been vacationing in lately and love them. Our RV is a 2011 Carriage Cameo fifth wheel and my concern was that one of the measurements, the threshold measurement wasn’t exactly as it should be. Checking with local RV parts dealers in our area, none carried the steps in stock and I could only get them if I ordered them. Of course, they didn’t want to order if there was a chance the steps wouldn’t fit properly and I would want to return them. Jennifer also mentioned that some of the dealers may have a test plate that I could use, but in checking, none did. At that point Jennifer asked for my mailing address and had a test plate sent to me. After receiving it I did find that your steps will work in our fifth wheel and will be ordering them. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all that Jennifer has done for me, she went way beyond what I ever expected. MORryde customer service and Aftermarket Sales is by far the very best I have ever dealt with and I will always recommend MORryde products to friends and those we meet during our RV travels. Please relay to Jennifer how much I appreciate all she has done and I promise to update her with pictures once our steps arrive and are installed. —John M. Nolte P.S. My brother and his wife will be coming next month for a visit in their RV and he can’t wait to try the test plate to see if they will work in their RV. I know as soon as our steps are installed, I’ll be getting questions by other RV folks, and I plan to take the test plate with us so they can test their rigs. Hope to increase sales for you every chance I get.


October 09, 2017, Posted by Mark Franklin
We recently upgraded our '05 Glendale Titanium 5th wheel with the CRE3000 suspension system and the Heavy-Duty Shackle Upgrade Kit. Based on the MORryde qualification guide, I selected the CRE2-33 for axles that are 33-inch center to center. However; during installation, we found that the CRE2-33 was not the correct size. After contacting MORryde customer service and taking more measurements, we found that the Titanium had used 24-inch leaf springs with 7 ¾ inch center links. Based on this information we exchanged the CRE2-33 for the CRE2-35. I worked with a couple customer service representatives and both were excellent and went the extra mile to make sure that we got the right parts and that the installation went well. We have also installed the Rubber Pin Box - another quality product. We took our 5th wheel on a trip from New Hampshire to Utah and back (a little over 7,000 miles). We couldn't get over the improved ride CRE3000 & RUBBER PIN BOX


September 18, 2017, Posted by Neal Beyer
I have 3 MORryde products I purchased through an online dealer. My first purchase was a 20 x 60 Cargo tray. The unit is very well constructed and easy to install. My second purchase was the three StepAbove™ steps and hand rail. After watching the videos and a little research, I called the tech department to make sure I was getting the right steps and that I checked all the right measurements. They were very helpful making sure I got the right one. Install time was approximately 15 minutes for the steps and another 3 minutes for handrail. Very pleased with both! I really like how solid the steps are when I go up and down, my wife has bad knees, she loves how solid and constant the step spacing is. The dogs don't hesitate going up or down any more. Very Happy with products. Very good products.


August 22, 2017, Posted by James Baird
I have two experiences with MORryde. Both were above and beyond my expectations. My last experience started 8/15/17 when I called customer service for help with a missing bracket for one of two purchased TV mounts. Ryan from the Inside Sales Department returned the call within 1 hour of my call. He promised a diagram the following morning. I received it at 8:23 on the 16th. He called me and reported it will be shipped same day. Sure surprised me it arrived late afternoon on the 18th. Perfect. THANK YOU....THANK YOU. In 2008 MORryde built a special super heavy-duty suspension and pin box for our special ordered DRV Elite. I wanted dual axles not tri axles. This set up worked fantastic as we full timed for almost 5 years. We were trailering 20k to 30k miles annually. Great company MORryde. - Jim Baird


August 05, 2017, Posted by Mark Braniff
I had the MoRyde CRE-3000, Crossmember and Wet Bolt Kit installed on my tandem axle towable toyhauler trailer. WOW what a difference. I am able to drive with confidence knowing if a Semi pulls next to me the trailer does not get sucked into the Semi trailer. Another benefit is, the drawers in the dining nook stay closed, before MoRyde, they would end up against the kitchen cabinets and stove across the isle. One of the people at the company that installed the system was so impressed with the system, she is going to install it on her tandem axle RV trailer. THE DYNAMIC TRIO


July 24, 2017, Posted by Ty
Just installed my new Step Above steps and absolutely love them. After reading about them and doing little research, I called the tech department to make sure I was getting the right ones. They were very helpful making sure I got the right one. I LOVE THE STEPABOVE™


June 30, 2017, Posted by Fred Double
What a wonderful experience, doing business with MORryde!!!! You and your team are tops! Please tell all, "Thanks for a job well done!" You all exceeded my expectations. We got home to Ohio about 8:30 with no problems, other than having to drive in a torrential downpour on most of the Ohio Turnpike. Everyone of your customers that I spoke with while at your facility had nothing but positive comments about you folks. Being a retired Maintenance General Supervisor for a Division of GM, I know how difficult it is to please all of your customers, but apparently you have done just that. Kudos!


June 29, 2017, Posted by Steve Grabert
The service was incredible starting with my initial phone call for information. The instructions for coming to the plant were very detailed and a great help. Allowing us to stay the night before our service was a great benefit. Rob knocked on our door shortly after 6:00 and explained what work was going to be done and got us into a service bay shortly after that. The service technicians were very helpful explaining what they were going to do to our trailer and the work was done in the time they told us. The office staff was very nice and we appreciated the sub sandwich for lunch. We had the CRE3000 system installed along with the wet bolt kit and a cross member and had new tires installed. The difference was noticeable as soon as we pulled out of the driveway at the plant. The ride is at least 50% better than before and the trailer handles better than it ever has, even when new. The trailer now goes where I want it, not me fighting to get the trailer back where it should be in the driving lane. Our return trip to eastern Ohio was made with 30 mph gusting crosswinds and I was able to cruise at the speed I wanted with minimal sway. Never could I tow in that much wind without reducing my speed to keep the trailer under control. Great thanks to everyone. Your products perform every bit as well as stated, if not better.