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Independent Suspension System

Premium towing experience for travel trailers & 5th Wheels

Enjoy the smoothest towing with the MORryde IS suspension system for your 5th wheel or travel trailer. The independent design of this system allows each wheel to respond individually to the road. That means your unit glides easily over uneven and rough roads to give you an amazing towing experience as well as protecting your trailer from damaging road shock.

  • Smooth towing experience
  • Suspension travel up to 5-1/2"
  • Rubber shear springs absorb road shock
  • 5-year warranty

Smooth out your ride with an upgraded suspension system for your 5th wheel or travel trailer. This system reduces stress on the frame and protects your trailer from road shock. That means you get a better ride, more control, and improved performance from your suspension. The I.S. replaces the current axle/leaf spring set up.

Enhance travel experience with smoother towing
Improve control and handling with up to 5-1/2-inch suspension travel
Reduce vibration over today’s roughest roads
Protect trailer from road shock with rubber shear springs


I.S. Owners' Club

Because we’ve designed such a unique product, customers are eager to show it off. Those who have had the Independent Suspension system installed on the units join the I.S. Owners’ Club, an exclusive group of people who get a towing experience no one else gets. Because of that, customers earn a badge of honor with an exclusive decal announcing that they have joined the club.

Disc Brakes (Optional)

Improve towing safety by upgrading the braking system on your RV.

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