The I.S. system is exactly what we expected.

June 29, 2023

We have now traveled several hundred miles since our I.S. install in June. The I.S. system is exactly what we expected and are very pleased with the the stability and peace of mind it has given us. This was an essential addition to our rig.

With this being said a great product is nothing without great people. We wish to recognize and thank the people we met and those involved in our install.

Lindsey — Thank you for considering our journey and keeping us informed of a cancellation that would best coincide with our travels to the Great Lakes area. This helped us tremendously not only from a coordinated timeline but from financial stand point as well.  It was pleasure to finally meet you and associate a name to a face, Your efforts are most likely an everyday practice but they were very much appreciated on our end.

Sergio — Thank you for taking detailed RV information our personal requests to heart and making sure it was incorporated into our install. We felt you took a personal interest in our RV and IPS install to  ensure parts requested were retained and the install was flawless and to specifications.

Elon (installer) — Thank you for taking pride in your work, attention to detail and the high level of craftmanship you displayed in our IPS install. The IPS system is an integral part of the overall system and it is comforting to have a craftsman installing it.

Hayden — Thank you for the in depth explanation of the new bolt-on IPS system installed on our Vanleigh Beacon and  the discussion surrounding the camber problems some have experienced. Prior to installation I expected the IPS system to be welded on the frame.  Coming from a technical background myself I felt confident with the depth of knowledge you displayed and the data supporting the company’s move to  the bolt on method.

Monica — Thank you for the personal attention you show to all of Morryde’s customers. We always felt welcomed and if we needed anything you did your best to provide it.  My wife enjoyed your conversations and candor.



Floyd and Mary G

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