MORryde Independent Suspension Upgrade

January 07, 2021

“After several months of research, we decided to have the Morryde independent suspension and disc brakes installed on our Grand Design fifth wheel.   After being in touch with Brian Hosinski and requesting Sergio for the appointment, we departed December 5thfrom Raleigh, North Carolina for Elkhart.

We arrived for our appointment at 5:45 on December 7th and were immediately greeted by Brian and introduced to Sergio.  Our install included 7K axles, disc brakes, Timken bearings and a new rubber pin box.

Brian is excellent at his chosen profession and is a comprehensive professional spokesman for Morryde.  He answered all of our questions, explained the timeline for the install and walked us through the installation process.  We hit a minor snag with the supplier of the disc brakes which delayed our departure for a day.  During the delay, Brian provided constant updates so we could adjust our hotel stay and plans for returning home.

Not sure where to start with Sergio.  I think to sum up his skills – he is an artist and takes great pride in his work.  He took the time from his busy schedule to explain the structural aspects of the independent suspension and the disc brake components.  Everything was professionally installed, and the function and performance of the brakes was clearly explained.  I requested that Sergio accompany me on a test drive which was extremely beneficial.  He explained how the independent suspension worked and pointed out its performance as we drove a few roads around the MORryde facility.  He also explained the performance of the electric over hydraulic brakes.  He was patient with my quest to understand how the new components worked – picture your favorite teacher.

It’s hard to put the independent suspension into words.  Before the upgrade, the camper felt skittish and abrupt, almost jarring at times – think front row at a Led Zeppelin concert.   Now it’s like late night jazz and a glass of wine – very controlled, smooth and well settled.

Would we do the install again?  Absolutely.  With long trips hopefully in our future, peace of mind and maintaining the structural integrity of the camper were important to us.  In my opinion, the independent suspension and disc brakes are by far the best upgrade we have ever done to one of our campers and is well worth the effort and expense.

Thank you Brian, Sergio, and MORryde for a terrific experience.”



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