Friendly Professionalism

September 10, 2019

Last week I visited your company to have an inspection done on my RV, in
which I live full time and accordingly, on which I heavily depend.

I therefore had reason to work with Brian Hosinski, and in doing so, had
such a satisfying and productive visit, that I wanted to write to
someone to report in on it all.

Brian’s work, along with the technician who examined my trailer, was
characterized by what I like to call “friendly professionalism”, exactly
what one wants to see in a supplier on whom one depends, as I do on your

Happily, the inspection showed that the components were in good shape
and that I did not need any repairs. The good news was not delivered by
any attempt to sell something not needed, but rather with a friendly
report that reassured one, both on the content and the way it was handled.

In addition, having been in the middle of a grueling, three and a half
month long trip, I was motivated to request to stay at your facility for
an extra night, looking to catch my breath. Brian arranged for that to
be done, did so in a way that made me feel welcome, and capped what was
the kind of trip one hopes to have with every supplier of goods and
services; to wit, with good will and an obvious effort to accommodate a

I am not above respectful complaints when things don’t go well, but
believe that when the opposite is true, one should say so.

In total, the company conducted itself in a way that simply encourages
more business…..”service” is always about “sales”…..but simply did
so by being gracious, efficient and reassuring.

Bravo to you for having such people on staff.

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