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First I want to thank you for all your help with deciding what to do with our 5th wheel – you were amazing!

Here’s the work we had done:
We had the work done and Sergio was our tech – he is outstanding! 7k IS and disc brakes – in talking with Brian, he felt we would get a better ride with the 7k instead of the 8k because of the weight of our 5th wheel.

– Heavy duty bearings
– 17.5″ Goodyear tires
– Morryde Pin Box

While we were there we were talking with another customer who had an air ride hitch in his truck – he said it made all the difference in the world so we checked into it. I called Hensley Manufacturing in MI and they found me a local (right across the street from our hotel!) dealer who had ONE of their Trailer Saver TS3 air ride hitches in stock, which is the one we were looking for.

We went there and bought the air ride hitch and they installed it for us, then we went back to Morryde and Sergio did another set of measurements so everything was correct.

The results:
The Morryde Pin box handles the chucking font and back, and the Trailer Saver hitch handles the bouncing up and down and some of the chucking.

The combination works PERFECTLY together!

On the way back to PA it felt more like riding in a car rather than in a 1 ton dually pulling an 18k trailer – we were totally amazed!

We did not have to stop one single time on the ride home for my wife to get out and walk around to stretch and she was in NO pain – it was that much of a difference.

Do we still feel the bumps? Yes, of course, but the only way I can describe it is they are “softer” and there is NO chucking AT ALL between the pin box and the new hitch.

We are SO happy and amazed at the difference!

Thank you SO MUCH for answering all my questions and all of your assistance and advice!

If there’s anything we can do to help you out please let us know – I’ve already told people about our experience and gave out your name as the person to contact 😀

Thank you!

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