March 11, 2020

    Thanks for reaching out. I am a true believer in your high quality products. I first needed to update my suspension on my 3 axle Heartland 4007 so I went with the CRE 3000 wetbolt kit with the heavier hardware. I then was at the RV show in Dallas and noticed about every third fifth wheel had your MORryde cushioned pin box on it. I spoke to a factory rep from Heartland and he told me that he didn’t have any skin in the game on that product but he has been in the RV business for over 20 years and that this cushioned pin box is well received in the RV community vs any other type of which I Googled and read reviews on. At the end of my research the MORryde design made the most sense to me for what I wanted to achieve.

    Anyway, I’m a big fan and will continue to pass on my impression of the high craftsmanship (of which is obvious if you take a good look at each product)  and attention to detail. I also (this is dumb I know) but I like the blue oval logo your company uses and even with that it is made of a higher quality material, not just a cheap sticker (attention to detail in my book).

    Thanks again and I’ll do my part when I’m out chatting with folks about any of your products I am using. Tell your R & D guys to keep up the great work!

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