Raving Fans



Thanks to everyone at MORryde for an unforgettable experience!
December 10, 2021,

Good morning, We just completed our 850 mile trip home. What a difference two days at MORryde made for us! A completely different towing experience. Gary, the chucking is gone and Diane is a very happy camper. The new pin box and IS have made a tremendous difference in how our RV handles. The truck […]

Thank you for your help!
October 21, 2021,

Just wanted give recognition to Eric, the young man who worked on our unit.   He is very courteous and respectful and takes time to answer questions. I’m sure he is probably one of your more exemplary employees and does excellent work.   I believe in giving recognition to those that probably rarely get to […]

Improved Handling was a Complete Success
September 30, 2021, Harold Boling

We left Elkhart yesterday and traveled 375 miles down US31 and I 65 into Kentucky. The difference was amazing! I was expecting a smother ride, but the improved handling was a complete surprise! Thanks for a great job and a great experience!

I LOVE These Brakes
August 24, 2021, Mike Pressley

Just wanted to thank you for all your help with the install of my IS and brakes. For me, it was all about the Independent Suspension, but I LOVE these brakes. It is always fun to get out and meet new people. This was my first trip to Indiana. Always fun to go somewhere you […]

Professionally Pleasant Resolve
August 24, 2021, Julie and Monte

Julie and I would like to sincerely “thank you” for getting us in to address our unexpected suspension failure issue. In true MORryde fashion, you single handedly, took a difficult situation and turned it into a professionally pleasant resolve and we wish to express our  gratitude! We’re glad that we got to meet Eric and […]

CRE3000 Suspension Gives us Peace of Mind
August 18, 2021, The Culpin Family

“Some RV upgrades are about fun and adventure… Some are about convenience and/or safety… When we started researching how we could boost the longevity of our rig, MORryde was at the top of the list. Our rig goes through an earthquake every time we move…. It’s not uncommon for things to be on the ground […]

Independent Suspension All the Way!
July 21, 2021, Les and Karen Simpson (YouTube interview)

“When we bought our new fifth wheel, we said independent suspension all the way with disc brakes. We’re also changing to the MORryde Pin Box assembly. MORryde is a predominant vendor at the trade shows and I’ve come to appreciate the quality and thought that they put into their products before they put them on the […]

We’ve Had a MORryde Pin Box Since 1999
July 21, 2021, Kenneth and Janice (YouTube interview)

“The IS Suspension appears to be a better riding unit than what the axle system was. We also have a MORryde Pin Box as well. Gary Wheeler, back in 1999 when the MORryde Pin Box first came out, installed the our pin box at an RV open house. Ever since, we’ve had a MORryde Pin […]

The MORryde Name Means Good and Reliable
July 21, 2021, The McClellans (YouTube interview)

“We have found everything that we’ve ever had with the MORryde name on it has been very good and reliable. Certainly well worth the money. We really enjoy having the MORryde Rubber Pin Box on our Mobile Suite. The first Mobile Suite we had did not have that or the independent suspension. After coming to rallies […]

Great People, Great Product, You’ll be Happy
July 21, 2021, Mike and Shelly (YouTube interview)

“Although our rig is fairly new, I’ve talked to enough people that have had problems on the road. We want to enjoy it, we don’t want to have to worry about things. Plus knowing how rough the rigs can ride on the standard axles, we decided to make the move and jump in and get […]