Sweet Mattress Deck Slide

With the touch of a button, this motorized deck slide pulls the mattress away from the headboard in your RV. That means you can easily reach all sides of the mattress to make the bed.

  • Motorized slide extends up to 24" from headboard
  • Control switch located on both sides of slide
  • Storage space below bed remains the same

Sweet Mattress Deck Slide

Save your back from the strain of bending and stretching to move your mattress from the wall of your RV. With this motorized slide, your mattress easily extends away from the headboard to give you full access to all sides of the bed. Control switches on either side of the bed make operating the slide easy and convenient.

Easily move mattress away from the wall or headboard
Conveniently control slide with switches on either side of the bed
Keep storage space under the bed


  • Original mattress deck no more than 48” from foot to hinge point to fit plywood for new mattress deck
  • Original mattress deck no less than 36” from foot to hinge point to fit length of retracted actuator
  • At least 4” of open space under original mattress deck that extends from foot end to hinge point to accommodate actuator
  • If there is less than 24” of open space at the foot end of the bed, a limit switch (provided) must be used to limit travel to an acceptable range. Otherwise damage can occur to bed, mechanism or other objects at the foot of the bed.
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