Cargo Tray

Convenient storage solutions for your RV gear

A sliding cargo tray makes storage access easy, even in hard-to-reach compartments of your RV. Trays glide smoothly on ball-bearing slides that pull out toward you. All our trays include carpeting already installed and come fully assembled.

  • Fully assembled
  • Carpeted flooring
  • Ball-bearing slide
  • No measuring or cutting
  • 800 lb weight capacity
  • Extends 60%
  • 90" trays pull out two ways
  • Easy to install
In The Box:
  • Cargo Sliding Tray
  • Installation instructions

Cargo Tray

Turn a hard-to-reach compartment into convenient, easy-access storage space with sliding cargo trays for your RV. All our trays pull out easily, thanks to ball-bearing slides that glide smoothly. A two-way travel system on 90-inch models lets you slide out cargo from either side of your vehicle.

Easily access cargo on sliding tray

Effortlessly open or close tray on ball-bearing slides

Quickly unlatch tray with easy-open latch

Keep cargo from moving on carpeted trays – already installed on all finished products

Access cargo out of either side on two-way travel system (90-inch models only)

Save installation time since trays come fully assembled

CTG60's36" L48" L60" L72" L90" L
20" WCTG60-2036WCTG60-2048WCTG60-2060WCTG60-2072WCTG60-2090W
26" WCTG60-2636WCTG60-2648WCTG60-2660WCTG60-2672WCTG60-2690W
29" WCTG60-2936WCTG60-2948WCTG60-2960WCTG60-2972WCTG60-2990W
33" WCTG60-3336WCTG60-3348WCTG60-3360WCTG60-3372WCTG60-3390W
36" WCTG60-3636WCTG60-3648WCTG60-3660WCTG60-3672WCTG60-3690W
39" WCTG60-3936WCTG60-3948WCTG60-3960WCTG60-3972WCTG60-3990W
42" WCTG60-4236WCTG60-4248WCTG60-4260WCTG60-4272WCTG60-4290W
48" WCTG60-4836WCTG60-4848WCTG60-4860WCTG60-4872WCTG60-4890W
52" WCTG60-5236WCTG60-5248WCTG60-5260WCTG60-5272WCTG60-5290W

All sizes listed are OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS.

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