RL Suspension Kit

    Smooth ride for transit vehicle passengers

    This rubber leaf (RL) suspension system absorbs road shock to protect passengers in transit vehicles from harsh road shock, even on today’s rough roads. The RL system works conjunction with the existing leaf spring suspension to provide a softer, smoother, more comfortable ride. Designed specifically for vehicle chassis, including pickup trucks, motorhomes, ambulances and other specialty vehicles.

    • Smooth ride
    • Softened suspension with lower spring rate
    • Reduced vibration from rough roads
    • Suspension travel up to 4" of total wheel travel
    • Protection from road shock
    • Specially designed for vehicle chassis
    • Adjustable for wheelchair lift
    • Minimal maintenance required
    • 3 year/70,000 warranty

    RL Suspension System

    Give passengers in your transit vehicles a better travel experience with the cushioning and control of this suspension system. The rubber leaf system isolates and absorbs road shock and causes less vibration in the vehicle.

    Improve ride quality with less road shock

    Experience less vibration even on rough roads

    Protect vehicle from stress on frame

    Choose the right application, including pickup trucks, motorhomes and ambulances.

    Installation Tip

    Order the MORryde suspension system on new buses from the manufacturer or install aftermarket on buses equipped with leaf springs.

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