Cargo Tray Extended Height Kit

Raise your RV storage system with a cargo tray extender. This easy-to-install kit gives your sliding tray the extra height it needs to clear the lip of your basement compartment.

  • Height adjustments (1.625",2.5",2.8",3.125")
  • 8 lb weight capacity
  • Easy to install

Sliding Cargo Tray Extender

Make sure your sliding cargo tray clears the lip of your storage compartment with a cargo tray extender. Take your clearance up to 3.125 inches with this economical add-on product.

Add ample lip clearance for sliding cargo tray

Easily adjust height up to 3.125″ from standard clearance of 1.6″

Choose height that fits your needs


  • 22″W x 14x”L x 9″H
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