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New Dealer Displays by MORryde International, Inc.

February 27, 2014, Posted by MORryde International
MORryde has recently designed displays for their Sliding Tray and Easy Reel Spooler products to support dealer selling efforts. The slide tray display comes with a miniature cargo tray that comes fully assembled with a carpet floor in order to give a true representation of a full size cargo tray. MORryde is offering free floor displays for any dealer who has purchased 5 MORryde cargo slide trays or can commit to doing so in a one year period. The second newest display item is the MORryde Easy Reel floor display.  MORryde’s Easy Reel Spooler is a hot commodity in the industry. The Easy Reel Spooler offers a strain-free solution to storing those heavy 30amp and 50amp power cords and helps maximize storage space. The display can accommodate the REEL56-001H or the new REEL56-009H and makes it easy for dealers to show their customers how easy it is to spool up to 30 or 50 feet of power cord in just seconds. MORryde is committed to offering dealers the necessary resources to help sell the MORryde product line by offering a wide range of dealer displays. In addition to the newest slide tray and easy reel displays MORryde also offers planograms for designated end cap spaces, banners, counter displays and much more.  For more information please contact any member of the sales team at 574-293-1581 or visit