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MORryde Jeep® Products – Perfect Match for Those Who Wander

April 20, 2017, Posted by First and Last Name
MORryde Jeep® Products – Perfect Match for Those Who Wande

MORryde’s StepAbove™: A Stable Relationship with Your RV

March 23, 2017, Posted by First and Last Name
MORryde’s StepAbove™: A Stable Relationship with Your RV

The MORryde StepAbove™ entry steps provide the solution to the bouncy, unsteady scissor steps installed on most travel trailers and fifth wheels. RVers love the stability they get from StepAbove™’s strong, sturdy design with residentially-spaced steps that extend all the way to the ground. The adjustable feet allow the steps to remain level on irregular terrain, and the optional handrail provides an even greater sense of security. Entirely produced in the United States, the StepAbove™ features MORryde’s characteristic quality and durability.   MORryde offers the StepAbove™ with two, three, or four steps to accommodate a variety of trailer heights, as well as models in multiple widths to fit a range of doorways. Industry-leading travel trailer and fifth wheel manufacturers already use the StepAbove™ on new units, but an easily installed aftermarket version of the StepAbove™ is available for RVs already on the road.  Installation of the aftermarket steps requires just a few screws to secure the hinge plate to the threshold of the unit. The lightweight steps can then be flipped up and stowed in the doorway of the trailer for travel, or let down with the twist of the rotary latch to enjoy secure entry and exit of the RV.   The StepAbove™ has improved the experience of countless RVers by giving them comfort and stability when they come home to their travel trailer or fifth wheel. To build a stable relationship with your RV, contact MORryde Customer Service at 574-293-1581 or visit

StepAbove™ by MORryde makes it debut at Hershey and the RV Open House

September 22, 2016, Posted by First and Last Name
The Pennsylvania RV Show and the RV Open House were the stage for MORryde to introduce their new StepAbove™ entry steps to the market. MORryde engineered StepAbove™ after listening to RV’ers ask for an improvement over the existing entry steps. RV’ers felt that existing entry steps were just not stable enough.  They used words like “springy”, “unstable”, and “not solid”. StepAbove™ provides incredible stability and security as the steps go all the way to the ground and are adjustable to compensate for uneven terrain. This provides the solid foundation for RV’ers to walk up and down steps.  StepAbove™ is available with an optional handrail that further enhances the stability and security. “We were very excited at the response to StepAbove™ at the Hershey Show.  Our booth was constantly busy with RV’ers trying our display. They were able to experience firsthand the exceptional stability and improvement that StepAbove™ provides” Joe Carroll, MORryde R&D Manager StepAbove™ is available from many of the industry leading 5th wheel and travel trailer brands. StepAbove™ can also be retrofitted onto existing trailers, providing dealers with a high-quality and profitable aftermarket product to sell. For more information on StepAbove™, please visit or contact

Dutchmen Voltage and MORryde team up for an industry first!

September 29, 2015, Posted by First and Last Name
Each Dutchmen Voltage toy hauler is now equipped with the MORryde "Zero G" door. This weightless door allows for easy access to your toys and patio set up. This industry first is revolutionizing the toy hauler industry.

MORryde’s new Jeep accessories now available through Extreme Terrain.

May 27, 2015, Posted by First and Last Name
MORryde’s new line of Jeep accessories is now available for purchase through Extreme Terrain’s website. The heavy-duty replacement hinges for ’07-’15 Wrangler JK are an upgrade over the breakage-prone plastic factory hinge covers. These are the only hinges on the market that are greaseable for long life and smooth operation.   The Jerry can holders for 1987-2015 Wrangler YJ, TJ and JK Jeeps allow storage for extra fuel on long trips. Both the spare tire rear and the patent pending side mount holders accommodate traditional Jerry Can or NATO style cans and can be easily installed or removed in moments.   For more information or to purchase your accessories today, visit

MORryde Pin Box Featured on Northwood RV

March 19, 2014, Posted by First and Last Name
MORryde International, Inc's Rubber Pin Box was featured on Northwood News. No more chucking, jerking, bucking, and pushing!

New Dealer Displays by MORryde International, Inc.

February 27, 2014, Posted by First and Last Name
MORryde has recently designed displays for their Sliding Tray and Easy Reel Spooler products to support dealer selling efforts. The slide tray display comes with a miniature cargo tray that comes fully assembled with a carpet floor in order to give a true representation of a full size cargo tray. MORryde is offering free floor displays for any dealer who has purchased 5 MORryde cargo slide trays or can commit to doing so in a one year period. The second newest display item is the MORryde Easy Reel floor display.  MORryde’s Easy Reel Spooler is a hot commodity in the industry. The Easy Reel Spooler offers a strain-free solution to storing those heavy 30amp and 50amp power cords and helps maximize storage space. The display can accommodate the REEL56-001H or the new REEL56-009H and makes it easy for dealers to show their customers how easy it is to spool up to 30 or 50 feet of power cord in just seconds. MORryde is committed to offering dealers the necessary resources to help sell the MORryde product line by offering a wide range of dealer displays. In addition to the newest slide tray and easy reel displays MORryde also offers planograms for designated end cap spaces, banners, counter displays and much more.  For more information please contact any member of the sales team at 574-293-1581 or visit

SlideZilla Increases Capacity

February 03, 2014, Posted by First and Last Name

MOR/ryde International, Inc. is excited to announce monstrous upgrades to the industry-first elevated truck bed storage solution, SlideZilla. The patented top-tray design has recently increased the weight rating from 500 pounds to a monstrous 1,000 pound capacity and combined with a new 75” long tray available, SlideZilla offers complete solutions for turning short, medium or long truck beds into a beast. “The one-thousand pound capacity and the new 75” tray allows SlideZilla to be a complete truck bed storage solution for work and for play.  After driving a fully loaded SlideZilla around a durability test track for 1,000 miles, it was proven that SlideZilla would be able to meet the rugged demands of truck owners.” Steve Freeto, Sales.  Visit the SlideZilla booth at the Keystone Automotive Midwest Big Show in Dallas, Texas on February 8, 2014, at the Keystone Automotive Northeast Big show in Atlantic City, NJ on February 22, 2014 and at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, IN March 5-7, 2014. SlideZilla is available for immediate distribution through Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc. To learn more and see how to fit your truck for this elevated truck bed slide, visit

MORryde Shows New Flat Screen TV Mounts and Easy Reel Spooler at Recent Shows

January 15, 2014, Posted by First and Last Name
MORryde started off the New Year by showing new products at January distribution shows. Growing the already large family of RV Flat Screen TV Mounts, MORryde added several Snap-In TV Mounts. These new mounts allow for easy removal and reattachment of a TV without the hassle of unscrewing the TV from the mount. The capabilities range from small, medium and large rigid mounts, swivel mount, and extendable mount. MORryde’s full product range of heavy duty Flat Screen TV Mounts are designed to keep a TV safe while traveling the rough roads. Also well received at the recent shows is the new version of the Easy Reel™ Spooler. The REEL56-001H came out in early 2013 offering a strain-free storage solution to the heavy 30 and 50 AMP power cords. Now the REEL56-009H offers the same great solution, but with a smaller footprint and at a lower cost. The new reel measures 14.3” wide, 12.8” deep, and 13.4” high and can hold up to 30 feet of cord. The REEL56-009H has an aggressive price point and offers dealers a nice margin opportunity. Find out more information about these and other products by MORryde at

MORryde's SlideZilla Named Global Media Award Winner at the 2013 SEMA Show

November 12, 2013, Posted by First and Last Name
MORryde’s new venture into the truck industry has unleashed SlideZilla: Monster Storage, an elevated truck bed slide which was recognized with a 2013 Global Media Award last week at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The SEMA Global Media Awards Program recognizes those companies that manufacture specialty equipment products and accessories that would have mass appeal to consumers around the world. The products are voted on by a prestigious group of international journalists who serve as judges. “The idea of customization and personalization has been growing throughout the world,” said Linda Spencer, SEMA director of international and government relations. “Our goal is to have media experts from around the world determine which new products are likely to succeed in their home markets. The automotive specialty-equipment market is made up of enthusiasts who are passionate about the hobby, and so it’s exciting to see how their love for cars, trucks and SUVs is impacting those throughout the world.” This year the program included 36 judges from 19 countries. Each judge carefully reviewed and evaluated nearly 2,500 product entries at the SEMA Show before selecting the products that they felt would resonate and appeal most to consumers in their home countries. SlideZilla was chosen as one of the top ten products that would be of most interest and most likely to succeed commercially in the USA.About MORryde’s SlideZilla Thanks to an innovative top-tray design, SlideZilla delivers monster storage by doubling a truck’s cargo space. Positioned above the wheel wells, SlideZilla’s patented design* creates an easy-to-use, bunk-storage system that allows you to bite off more storage than competing truck slides. And thanks to our customer-based commitment and a monstrous 5-year warranty, SlideZilla delivers the ultimate in satisfaction. SlideZilla is made by MORryde International, Inc.. Since 1966, MORryde has specialized in creating ride-enhancing products for both the OEM and aftermarket. MORryde has also become the industry leader in chassis modification and upfitting as well as metal fabrication. From monster storage to rubber suspensions, from aftermarket products to chassis manufacturing, MORryde furthers your ride.

Work hard. Play hard. Go all in with SlideZilla.

* Patent #7,111,887