Joining the MORryde I.S. Owners’ Club

November 03, 2020 — by Bekka Oxley

What’s in a name? A name can say a lot about a person, company, or product. It can carry significance and have meaning. A name should be memorable and have value.

We want the MORryde name to stand for something.

At the forefront of our business is our dedication to go Above. Beyond. Always. for our customers and employees. Our name means you can trust that our quality and service will always be the very best with our “quality first, service always” approach. We are committed to treating people the way we want to be treated. We believe in our brand, which means we are dedicated to creating Raving Fans by taking the time to listen to our customers and deliver products they want and love.

With these things in mind, the MORryde Independent Suspension (I.S.) system was born. One of MORryde’s best performing products, the I.S. system offers a premium towing experience for fifth wheels and travel trailer owners. The design of the system allows each wheel to respond individually to the road condition, meaning the tires and wheels can walk over uneven and rough roads. The system reduces stress on the frame of the trailer, through the combination of the independent wheel design and the use of rubber shear springs which help isolate road shock. The experience with an I.S. is one of smoother, more comfortable towing and peace of mind from knowing you have the strongest, best performing suspension on the market.

The I.S. system is truly a product consumers want. Whether it’s because of personal experience on rough roads or by referral, RVers are making the choice to upgrade their trailers to the MORryde I.S. Some choose to order the I.S. direct from the factory when their new RV was being built, while many others elect to visit the MORryde Service Center for a professional installation.

Enter the I.S. Owners’ Club!

Because we’ve designed such a unique product, customers are eager to show it off. Those who have the I.S. system installed on their units join an exclusive group of people who get a towing experience no one else gets. Because of that, customers earn a badge of honor with an exclusive decal announcing that they have joined the club. After all, it’s all about the name and the company who stands behind it.

Want to be part of the club? Schedule an install with us, and we’ll even throw in a long-sleeved T-shirt featuring the I.S. Owners’ Club logo. Call our Parts Department today at 574-293-1581 or email for more information or to set your appointment.

MORryde i.s. owners' club

MORryde i.s. owners' club

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