“MOR than”

July 29, 2020, Posted by Jack Enfield

“MOR than” describes every aspect of MORryde.  Even though the company was founded on trailer suspension systems in the mid-1960s, today, MORryde is so much more than that.  Venturing into metal fabrication in the early ‘90s and chassis modification in the mid ‘90s, MORryde has expanded the scope and future direction of its business. Today, MORryde spans 6 campuses and 13 buildings and serves many industries, including RV, transit bus, Jeep, truck and industrial parts, specialty trailers, medical components and mobile medical vehicles, agriculture, and so much more, making MORryde the company known for being “MOR than.”

MORryde is much more than a suspension company, becoming a leading supplier to the RV OEM and Aftermarket for products that enhance the functionality and enjoyment of the RV, including:

• Trailer entry steps
• Flat screen TV mounts
• Sliding cargo and utility trays
• Running gear upgrades
• Rubber pin boxes
• Outdoor kitchens
• Air patio rooms for toy haulers
• Easy Reel cord spoolers
• The Chair Buddy
• And of course, suspension system upgrades

With multiple facilities in Elkhart, Indiana, MORryde prides itself on designing and building high-quality products right here in the USA with very little reliance on overseas components, giving MORryde the confidence to stand behind its products and offer customers exceptional service.

In today’s market, companies have turned to selling commodities where the only thing that matters is price. MORryde products, on the other hand, are upgrades over the standard OEM components and provide true value to the customer. More and more RV owners recognize that the MORryde name is synonymous with high quality.  We want to create “Raving Fans” with products that work well and enhance the customers’ enjoyment of their RV.

MORryde’s fabrication and chassis divisions serve customers in a totally different way than the sector serving the RV OEM and Aftermarket. In these segments, MORryde acts as a contract manufacturer, building parts to customer specification. In the motorhome market, for example, whether it is a 19’ Class C or a 42’ diesel pusher, MORryde builds and installs the structural foundation so the OEM can build a flat, square, and solid motorhome. The OEM builder designs the parts, then turns to MORryde for a high-quality installation. On the fabrication front, MORryde builds hundreds of thousands of parts every year to customers’ prints using robotic welders, press brakes, laser technology, and a state-of-the-art powder coating line to produce the highest quality parts.

If you are looking to install products that are designed specifically for RV applications
If you are looking for products that work as advertised
If you are looking for products that will enhance the enjoyment of your RV
If you are looking for products the company will stand behind and work with you on any issues
And if you are looking for products that are made in the USA…

…MORryde is your answer!

MORryde is “MOR than” so many things.
So, when it comes to your RV, ALWAYS ASK FOR MOR.





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