2020 Owner’s Message

December 29, 2020 — by Rodney & Bobby Moore


It’s hard to believe that 2020 is already about to come to an end. And yet, in some respects it seems fitting to close the book on this year. 2020 has seemed like multiple years rolled into one. Before we look ahead to 2021, let’s take a quick look back at 2020.

This year started off with so much promise. We had just completed a solid year in 2019 and carried lots of momentum into 2020. The RV industry was growing, the economy was in the best condition in decades and we had good reason to believe this pace would continue. And then the virus hit, shutting down much of the economy, which decimated the second quarter.

But the American spirit remained alive and well and starting in late June, we started to see signs of rebound. As consumers sought to travel the country but do so safely, this created the perfect opportunity for the RV industry to answer the call. In just a few months, we would go from nearly shut down to answering the challenge of getting our components to the RV builders as they ramped up production.

What have been some keys to success?

Maintaining and Improving Quality
We recognize that consumers want and expect a quality product no matter what the product is.  MORryde has made a concerted effort to maintain and improve quality and recently became ISO certified. As ISO helped to create a framework for quality of product, this also has spurred an environment of continuous improvement of all processes across all departments. This pursuit of improvement will not stop because we have the mindset that we can still improve just a little bit more each day. We can confidently say that our quality of product overall has improved, and this has been one key to our success.

Product Innovation
MORryde has become well-known in the RV industry as a solution provider. Our Opportunity Driven mindset draws us toward identifying market opportunities and seeking to create innovative product solutions. We want to help RVers enjoy the lifestyle even more and MORryde products can be a big part of that improvement.

Customer Service
Out of everything that we try to be as a company, customer service ranks as our highest priority. We only exist because of our customers and we only keep customers to the extent we serve their needs. Our goal is to provide Raving Fan service, the type of service that customers have grown to not expect out of companies. Our company tag line is Above. Beyond. Always. which means we want to treat people the way we would like to be treated and do that always.

Without a Team of good people, none of our goals can be accomplished, sustained, or improved. We have often said that we can serve our customers to no greater extent than to that which we serve each other internally. We are proud of our Team and thankful for how everyone has pulled together during this difficult year to not only stick together during the difficult times, but more recently to work so well together to handle the growth in our business.

We have much reason for optimism as we look forward to 2021. The RV industry should remain very strong, our products and services remain in high demand and we have multiple new projects and ideas that will serve our customers well. Before we move into 2021 however, we also want to pause and thank God for His many blessings to our country, our company and to you. Despite a difficult year, we trust that this Christmas season will be a very blessed one for you and your family, and we pray that you have a very happy and healthy Christmas celebration and new year in 2021.

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