Rotating Rubber Pin Box

Better Maneuverability
and Smoother Towing

16k Orbital Rotating Rubberized Pin Box provides a unique towing experience, allowing a true 90-degree stress-free turn. This pin box utilizes the same unique rubber shear spring as the MORryde Rubber Pin Box that greatly reduces the back-and-forth chucking and jerking felt during towing, giving you a smoother, more comfortable in-cab ride. 

The 16k Orbital Rotating Rubberized Pin Box System provides: 
  • A true 90-degree turn without the use of a slider hitch
  • Locking wedge to prevent pivot at the 5th wheel hitch
  • Greasable spindle for smooth rotation
  • Large conical lock washers to hold the wedge in place
  • Integrated holes for lockout bolt storage
The 16k Orbital Rotating Rubberized Pin Box is fully adjustable in most cases and maintains the king pin location established by the original trailer manufacturer. By maintaining the static king pin location, stress and strain subjected to the trailer frame are consistent with the original king pin location. 

Part Numbers:
RTPB77-1622-03 for 11,500lbs GVWR or less

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