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Whether you are a weekend warrior or a mom of four, your Jeep brings you a sense of adventure. The iconic Jeep can be seen driving down the interstate or on the rugged trails of Moab, but regardless of where your Jeep leads you, one thing remains relevant - there just isn't enough space. 

Like all vehicles - big or small - space seems to be an issue. Every square inch is packed with your air fresheners, your kid's toys, your spare change, your car jack, and of course your prized collection of fast-food receipts.  Fortunately, we came up with our very own trunk storage solution to give you added space for whatever the need.

The StoreGate is mounted to the inside of your tailgate and installs in just minutes. Secured with several screws and finished with a water resistant bulb-seal, the StoreGate allows you to get into "sticky" situations all while securing your possessions. 

We offer a two styles to pick from: hard cover door version and a netted version.

Our aluminum hard cover door boasts a mighty 35 lb weight capacity. This heavy-duty trunk storage solution has a locking door which allows you to store more precious items inside and allows you to have peace-of-mind whether you are out exploring the path less traveled in a national park, or an isle less traveled in your local grocery store.

Our netted version, much like the hard cover version, offers added space, but with even easier access to the contents inside. Perfect for storing an extra hitch, quarts of oil, or your tool-set, the netted StoreGate maximizes your storage all while keeping your Jeep organized.

Have a JK Jeep instead of a TJ? No worries, we have a couple options for you too. Check it out here:  JK StoreGate


  • 1 StoreGate Storage Unit
  • Hardware
  • Installation instructions


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