Today's roads are rougher than ever. That is why today's leading providers of Shuttle and Para-transit services rely on MORryde Suspensions Systems for improved passenger comfort and better protection of their vehicles from the damaging effects of road shock.  At the heart of every MORryde suspension system are unique rubber shear springs. Click the image below to view the MORryde Rubber Leaf (RL) Suspension animation.

RL Suspension

The MORryde RL (Rubber Leaf) suspension works in conjunction with the existing leaf spring suspension system to provide your riders a softer, smoother, more comfortable ride. Whether it is chuck holes, dirt roads, or railroad tracks, MORryde's unique design and rubber's natural tendency to isolate and absorb road shock delivers a much smoother ride. So rather than road conditions beating up your bus and your riders, they will experience " Smooth Roads Ahead" with a MORryde suspension system.

The MORryde system can be ordered on new buses from the manufacturer or installed aftermarket on buses equipped with leaf springs in a very cost effective manner. Each system comes with a 3 year/ 70,000 mile warranty and requires minimal maintenance to sustain optimal performance.


  • Increased suspension travel (up to 2" increase & up to 4" of total wheel travel)
  • Rubber shear springs isolate and absorb road shock to provide a softer, more comfortable ride for all your passengers
  • Softened suspension (lower spring rate)
  • Reduced vibration from rough roads
  • Overall higher quality ride
  • Better protection for the vehicle from damaging road shock
  • Easily Adjustable to account for wheel chair lift


  • RL Suspension System
  • Hardware
  • Installation Instructions


  • Approximately 135-175 lbs.


United States Patent Number 6,176,478

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