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  Fifth wheel owners know about that harsh, jerky, chucking action that comes from towing a fifth wheel. They also recognize that some roads will just wear you out from that jerking/chucking action. They have just come to accept it as a normal part of towing.   These uncomfortable aspects of towing are the result of longitudinal and lateral forces being transmitted from the trailer to the truck. They cause that troublesome chucking action you feel, especially on Interstate highways with expansion joints. They also contribute to the harshness and jerking you feel when going over railroad tracks or roads with that washboard effect. And, these forces cause that "clunking feeling" when you come to a stop and start up again.   The MOR/ryde Pin Box System provides: Greatly reduced back-and-forth chucking and jerking Cushioned sensation over uneven road conditions Jerk-fee starts and stops Smoother, more comfortable in-cab ride See the Pin Box in action The MOR/ryde pin box system utilizes a unique rubber shear spring to positively deal with this rough, towing road shock. The rubber spring works in a horizontal planar motion (in a longitudinal and lateral motion) to absorb the towing shock. This allows the MOR/ryde pin box system to effectively diminish the transfer of forces from the trailer to the truck. The MOR/ryde pin box system can be installed on most fifth wheel trailers. Installation is bolt-on and typically takes about one hour. Watch the full product video >   United States Patent Number 6,986,524
Ordering a MOR/ryde Pin Box System for your fifth wheel is very simple and straight forward. Please identify the following: What is the part number of the stock pin box? (usually found on a label on the pin box) What is the GVWR of the Trailer?   MOR/ryde has a specific rubber spring for different weight ratings. Download the Pin Box Fit Chart to cross reference these answers to a MOR/ryde RPB part number.   OR, if the stock part number is not available, a few easy measurements will tell you what you need. Please download the Pin Box Identification Guide that outlines the measurements you need and how to cross reference them to a MOR/ryde RPB part number.    
  "When I watched your ad on the man who takes the tours to Alaska and back, I was skeptical. BUT, not anymore. The new pin box made our ride much more enjoyable. It did not make for a perfect ride, but what could? With the roads being what they are now and the lack of repair to them, I would recommend the MOR/ryde pin box to anyone who pulls a fifth wheel. My wife and I installed it by ourselves, with the help of a come along to load it into my hitch, and then we backed it right into the existing frame. Once we got the two upper back bolts in, it was a snap. I wish we had done this years ago." Colby West "I really like the MOR/ryde suspension and pin box system. It sure takes a lot of movement between my truck and trailer and makes it a lot smoother. My other trailer did not have it and there is a world of difference. Thanks!" James Stephens "From the first movement until 3500 miles later, this is the best investment one can put on their fifth wheel trailer. No more jerking back and forth; an unbelievable ride.  Thanks to your product I still have my fillings in place." Scott Mueller   "It does just as you advertised. I live on Vancouver Island in the Comox Valley. The paved roads can be like a roller coaster in the north part of the Island. I had the surging and hammering going over bridges and roads with sagging black top and frost heaves. I read this pin box would improve the ride fairly well, so I thought I’d take a chance on installing one. It’s a difference between night and day. I love the thing. Don Bool   "I just installed my new pin box before Christmas. We departed on a short 500 mile trip after Christmas. What a significant difference the new pin box made. I will be one who forwards the reward of a MOR/ryde pin box." Richard Stokes   "We had the MOR/ryde pin box installed on our Travel Supreme 5th wheel at the Rally in Goshen. When leaving the Rally I noticed a difference immediately as we crossed the RR tracks it was like I could feel the truck go over the tracks but not the trailer. The pin box performed excellent al the way home, as there is a great improvement in the ride on the interstate roads that had previously given us a push pull ride." Dennis Nelson   "Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with your MOR/ryde fifth wheel hitch that we bought from you at the Florida camper show. Our ride home from Florida to Maine was our first chance to use the hitch and we couldn't believe the difference in the ride, it was all you said it would be and we would recommend it to anybody with a fifth wheel." Bob & Polly Adams

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